When you ACTUALLY answer a ‘Scam Likely’ call

When you ACTUALLY answer a ‘Scam Likely’ call

I actually yelled at a scam caller to stop before and they just hung up 😠…then they called later

Oddwin – 19

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  1. hikerjif says:

    “You know what’s simple though? Life or death!”

    Olé boy was shameless in choosing death….(at least he was committed).

  2. B_kursed says:

    I literally woke everyone in the house when he said “ I CHOSE DEATH” 😂😂😂

  3. SuperFnafDarion says:

    “Life or Death you choose”

    Caleb City –

  4. KnightroBlue22 says:

    Call from Scam Likely
    “Hey, I’m calling to schedule an interview?”

    • ZV Production says:


    • Whis San says:

      My name is Clark Kent my superpower is plot armor.
      I can beat even the writers themselves as I have so much of it I essentially transcend the narrative unlike my counter part known as Batman

    • Fallenhell100 says:

      Do you know what’s weird that scam caller looks like the Time Loop guy 🤔

    • Whis San says:

      @Fallenhell100 Almost like Celeb is every single character and the YouTuber is Celeb thus proving Celeb is omnipresent and likely knowing all being omniscient and casually is the strongest in his realm so he’s omnipotent
      Conclusion – Celeb is GOD

    • Finéssé says:

      I will never get tired of this joke

  5. xSwiftx4 says:

    Me: “So you have chosen death…”

    Scammers: “YepI”

  6. ExoticButters20 says:



  7. Ferger says:

    Calebcity: life or death

    Me: Hi this is the local sperm bank, how may I assist you

  8. Danny Lewis says:

    Caleb: *so you have chosen death*

    Scam Caller: *Uno Reverse Card*

  9. Elijah Reid says:

    Scammer: Calls Caleb multiple times and makes him angry.

    Caleb: Calls scammer back.

    My, my, how the turntables have…

  10. jerry jjs says:

    When raid shadow legends just wants to promote their game …

  11. KÏD_ says:

    Bruh, I’m lactose intolerant, and was literally eating Ice cream when he mentioned ‘how much milk does Ice cream have anyway’ 😂😂😂

  12. Ballin With Ebube says:

    Scammer: calls
    Me: Turns ringer off
    Scammer: impossible

  13. Lone says:

    Mom: ‟if your friends jumped off a bridge wild you‟

    *Me and the squad* : 2:50

  14. Space Pug says:

    My mans left his homies to choke a stranger

  15. MysticEle says:

    “We will never stop calling!”

    “Challenge accepted.”

  16. ryedj707 says:

    Time loop guy: *calls back* “hey I’m here for the interview!”
    Scam Likely: *hangs up* *phone starts ringing again*

  17. Me _XD3 says:

    Everybody who gave this video a thumbs down is a “scam likely” caller 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Rxder says:

    Caleb: choking the scammers

    Scammer: somehow calls Caleb whilst being choked

    Also Scammer: This isn’t even my final form

  19. Tiffini Williams says:

    Scammer: calls like 5 Times
    Scammer: oh nevermind this man crazy

  20. Apple Clark says:

    Me: “I’m going to have a good rest tonight”

    Scammers: *ArE U sURe abOuT THat?*

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