When You Get Stuck in a Conversation

When You Get Stuck in a Conversation

Mayday, mayday! I’m trapped in a vortex and none of my social cues are working!

Hardly Working – What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you’re already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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Rekha Shankar
Lou Wilson
Ally Beardsley

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Rekha Shankar
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Sam Geer

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75 Responses

  1. OpInternet Games says:

    more reika sketches finally

  2. GameChanger72 _ says:

    I don’t get stuck in conversations, I am the conversation.

  3. Sneaky says:

    This guys voice sounds like when you mess with a girl sims voice too much and make it super deep

  4. Assassin Killer says:

    When CH notice you

    “Remain calm”

  5. what what whatwhat what says:

    Hello new guy.

  6. Reckless X says:

    I’m early…nice

  7. conkerlive101 says:

    I have to deal with this every God damn morning at 7am when I get to work. The night guy literally stays an hour and a half later without getting paid and just does not shut up.

  8. Sachin Sharma says:


  9. gitadine says:

    I’d like to apologize to everyone who has ever been stuck in a conversation with me… Especially when it comes to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Man, that show! Such an awesome story that I just can’t get tired of. Did you know that- oops. Did it again.

    • Michael Rodriguez says:

      You don’t get stuck in an ATLA conversation. You join voluntarily!

    • Ayub Ahmed says:

      melis dikici Avatar:the last Airbender
      Toph is the only female character i know that doesn’t need female aspects to be a good female role
      Sakka is like the logical person but not the strongest (because each character gets one important quality that makes them stand out from benders,chiblockers,kings and Prince,mixed animals like momo and appa)Sakka is sick 😎
      Katara is just a love interest for aang (jk)

      (Ayub Ahmed has flee)
      (boot up your PokeFinder to get him to keep talking?)
      (Insert 25c to continue)

    • Eloísa García says:

      I would never mind being stuck in a conversation, but only if it’s about ATLA

    • tabris95 says:

      Ok but how do you like Legend Of Korra?

    • Pamkor AVv says:

      gitadine yeah I remember you..

  10. rolando cameron says:

    “pull me up pull me up he’s too boring”

  11. The Outhouse Studios says:

    This was actually so uncomfortable to watch just because it’s too real

  12. Marina Blue says:

    Rekha’s sketches are getting better.

  13. UNCLE TURK says:

    The worse thing is when people try speak to you when you clearly got earphones in your ears ffs

  14. Memes and Hearthstone says:

    I wouldn’t mind having someone to talk to

  15. my opinions are facts says:

    I’m the guy

  16. Hello5777 says:

    We need a battle between him and “I didn’t get enough sleep last night” Zack.

  17. UnPhayzable says:

    Just tell the person you’re talking to that you’re blind and don’t speak German and leave while they think about what you just said

  18. J0uke says:

    now make a video on what to do when I am stuck watching college humors videos :/

  19. Faisal Al-Yahya says:

    I meet these kind of people everyday!

  20. New Message says:

    You could end that convo right then and there if you just ask him where he buys his bras.

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