When you have to question your own intellect again.

When you have to question your own intellect again.

I have literally ordered food at a drive thru, paid for the food, then left without it…

Oddwin – 19

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  1. Thomas Wilson says:

    Anyone else put the cereal box in the fridge or put the milk in the pantry after pouring a bowl of cereal? Just me?

  2. Supa says:

    “Enjoy your flight sir”
    “Thanks, you too”
    Kill me now

  3. Chad Bihag says:

    I got angry because no one knows where the TV remote is.. it was in my HAND the whole time!

    *zammit, I’m so stupit*

  4. talha juma says:

    I made my bed got all comfy then realised the light was on ? I start questioning my whole existence

  5. PrincessSemilore says:

    This is me when I’m holding a sandwich and a remote and I bite into the remote.

  6. Switch says:

    When you go to say hey guys to a group of dudes
    But say,

    *”Hey guy”* so stupit

  7. KickStarrs says:

    Who else thought he was gonna realize he didn’t pour the milk

  8. Lilcavi says:


    Caleb: “I’m sooo stewpitt”

  9. Jose Bocanegra says:

    An actual conversation with a fellow student from college

    Him: “Good morning!”

    Me: “Yeah haha!”

    Him: “You too!”

    Thats it

  10. Takeoverdab 1 says:

    Me: Turns off power off my phone before sleep

    Next day: I wake up amd soon realize that I miss work because I turned my phone off and my alarm couldint go off

  11. Rahul Dhali says:

    When you look at the first question in the test ..
    *Damn , I’m so stupit*

  12. max says:

    When you lose your kahoot answer streak.

  13. Vareth _k says:

    Teacher passes me the exam…
    teacher: Good luck with your exam
    me: you too…..
    That’s when I looked down on my paper
    And questioned my existence

  14. n'yello lion says:

    Random guy: “hey”

    Me: “hey”

    Random guy: “i was talking to him” *points at guy behind me*

    Me: man I’m so stupid i don’t even know him

  15. NiizuMa says:

    When I’m in my bed with my phone and it drops on my face…
    “I’m so stupit.”

    • - Magest Draws - says:

      I used to do that all the time. I’m glad I got a pop socket because I don’t have to go through the pain of being hit in the face with a rectangular screen.

    • Meriki Jiya says:

      That’s actually pretty common. Maybe deep down we’re all stupit.

  16. Sonia mujtaba says:

    Guys read what he wrote in the description
    “I have literally ordered food at a drive thru,paid for the food,then left without it…” LMAO!!!!!

  17. Exsaion says:

    Reminds me of the times I would be looking for my glasses for a good 5-10 minutes only to then realise that I’ve had them on the entire time. ?‍♂️

  18. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    It’s like when someone asks a question so stupid you’ve gotta ask yourself if you’re being the dumb one ?

  19. Derek Leiro says:

    Me: *tries to take a screenshot, but turns off the phone*
    “I’m so stupit”

    • Seelenzerfall says:

      Me: about to take a selfie with a friend (which happens very rarely)
      Friend: Oh, It’s our first selfie in 15 years!
      Me: turns off phone
      “I’m so stupit”

    • DukeDvl69 says:

      Tries to turn off the phone but takes a screenshot

  20. WazzaAzza says:

    Me: *opens a chocolate bar and then throws the chocolate bar in the trash instead of the wrapper*
    “Damn it, I’m so stupid”

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