When You Meet Your Ex’s New Girlfriend (ft. Karlie Kloss)

When You Meet Your Ex’s New Girlfriend (ft. Karlie Kloss)

Shout outs to all the friends who reassure us we’re bomb af when we have to meet our ex’s new lover. My condolences to anyone who finds out that new lover is supermodel Karlie Kloss. WHY?!?!

Stay tuned for 11 more Collabs of Christmas! #12CollabsOfXmas

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68 Responses

  1. IISuperwomanII says:

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! #12COLLABSOFXMAS are officially HERE! I am so excited to give you 12 surprise collaborations, starting off with my wonderful sister Karlie Kloss! She’s the best! Hope you enjoyed the video! Oh! ANDDDD #SuperSixty starts RIGHT NOW! Which means I will be personally responding to your comments below for the next hour. MAKE EM SPICY! And… GO!

  2. bethebestyou55 says:

    I really love the new 12 collabs of Christmas intro!!

    • Aaron& Bre says:

      bethebestyou55 can you go subscribe to are Channel get us to 2k subscribers , comment on are last 2 videos and we still sub back please & thanks 💓

  3. Mk Phom says:

    i always like her video even b4 watching it😋

  4. aditi agrawal says:

    Superwoman rocks
    Love you
    Great video

  5. Vrushali says:

    Did Anyone else realise that man is very lucky to have Lilly as her ex and Karlie Kloss as his girlfriend??

  6. Damian Morgan says:

    Iove love love your videos superwoman as always 😃😄👍

  7. Deevanshi Hurnaum says:

    Dang it I always miss super sixty because where I live it’s night whenever Lilly uploads in the day..

  8. Half The Heart says:

    *That is one lucky guy…* 😂

  9. Barbra Smith says:

    Huh…really wished Lilly had turned this into a #GirlLove opportunity. Ik it was a comedy, and it was very well done but there could’ve been an alternate ending where Lilly and Karlie were more open and accepting of each other. Instead, they just made assumptions about one another. Idk, personally i felt that this was the perfect opportunity to show a little girl love

    • Komorebi Moon says:

      SAME! Even though the ending is supposed to give this idea that beyond the “competition” they feel compelled to have, they still admire each other, an alternate ending with them saying to each other would’ve been amazing!!

    • Annie Dang says:

      Yeah but it’s not as humorous. Plus what does that have to do with girl love?

    • gallagherchick says:

      There’s generally not much love between the ex-gf and new gf. Sooooo… yeah.

    • Sophie Janssen says:

      Barbra Smith I feel the same way. I loved the video but I think it would’ve been a lot better if they were nicer to one another & not just fake and weird. Like, they did give each other compliments at the end, but they did not say it directly to the other girl, they were gushing behind their back. This could’ve been done so much better. I do love most of Lillys content so I hope the girllove improves and grows 😄

  10. Yovan says:

    hope logan is in one of those collabs

  11. Anna VT says:

    When Karlie got the text at 3:32 second she shouldve said “oh srry thats my friend Taylor”

    • Tanvi Star says:

      Kelsey I had read on Snapchat that apparently karlie had called Taylor to some show she does which I don’t remember the name of. And Taylor had politely declined that she can’t make it because of her hectic schedule. And since then trouble went down that is what they said. Also Karlie was not in the 4 th July Taylor’s party instead she hanged out with Kendall who also is not in Taylor’s squad anymore since the kanye-kim and Taylor drama. Thus making it a possiblity that things are not so good between Taylor and Karlie.

    • Kelsey says:

      Tanvi Star thank you for explaining it to me

    • Molly keffer says:

      Anna VT “oh I️ thought she passed away?”

  12. Moe Othman says:



    “a super model” OUCH- I FELT THAT

  14. Aksh P says:


  15. Aksh P says:


  16. SwaggyIndian says:

    Lilly slayysss so much thoooooo, yasssssssssss, btw I made a documentary about a drag queen, please watch it.

  17. Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci says:

    Lily sounds sucky

  18. Name says:

    shes from that WIX ad that I always see

  19. Silber Key says:

    The ending was unexpected but DOPE

  20. Adam Rohan says:

    I thought the collabs where gonna be youtubers, not HUGE celebrities! I am so ready for these 12 days now!

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