When Your Uber Driver Takes a Personal Call

When Your Uber Driver Takes a Personal Call

A good Uber driver offers bottled water and uncomfortable amounts of personal details.

New episodes Wednesdays at 11/10c on Pop.

Hot Date – Brian Murphy and Emily Axford attempt a lovely night out for a romantic meal, but sadly blow their chances by bringing themselves.

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69 Responses

  1. Rob Johns says:

    *H E Y F A M* Please dont ever say that again

  2. nourr says:

    i know you dont care that im early

  3. Raspberry Malina says:

    Wow, a very recent video

  4. MadeByTwan says:

    That middle east stuff is pretty fucked but not as fucked up as that mexian stuff . He is talking about food rigth.

  5. Abdirizak Yussuf says:

    Desperate attempt to get top comment

  6. Liz Ann says:

    “Bet you don’t last a week” TOO REAL

  7. Link Iplier says:

    28 views 145 likes???

  8. SAND says:

    Murph, buddy, that’s *not* how you stay hydrated

  9. hmm yes interesting says:

    Uber Drivers are people too

  10. Janardhan Pashupati says:

    Lol Murph was brilliant in this. And the series stylist is amazing! Killing with the on point looks for each character Murph and Emily come up with

  11. Penny Dreadful says:

    Nice Jack White cosplay fam lol

  12. Swooshdog says:

    Oh shit this is pretty good, not sadistic waiter/manager Grant good, but good.

  13. gagejoseph91 says:

    That ending is perfect and exactly what I always want to say to those obnoxiously-obsessed-with-eachother couples.

  14. Maui Randall says:

    I didn’t cheat on her, but emotionally….

  15. BadActingWYIM says:

    I was excited because I thought his gf was masturbating when she called… But she was just crying. Rolls eyes

  16. PalladiumCupcakes says:

    The ending was a funny twist on the expected punchline. I fucking hate people who say that couples can’t have disagreements.

  17. Serena Lioness says:

    Tooo relatable! 😂 I rember last time I took a taxi the driver received a call from his wife and it was something like:
    Wife: john I need some money!
    John: how much babe
    Wife: 200
    John: again?
    Wife: I.m going out with my girls I need those money !!
    John: (angry) well you go to ya girls and tell em that JOHN AIN.T STUPID ANYMORE! NO MORE MONEY!
    And she starts shouting.
    John: Stop shouting at me! We are humans not mice!
    Now at that point I lost it. Why comparing to mice?? 😂

  18. Sebastian Elytron says:

    Lyft > Uber

  19. UnPhayzable says:

    When your Uber Driver takes a side route to “pick up a package” and you end up in jail for the assistance of drug smuggling

  20. suckmyvenom says:

    I’ve been a driver for over 2 years and you wouldn’t believe how many emotionally damaged people I pick up.

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