When you’re having a bad day…

When you’re having a bad day…

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53 Responses

  1. Riser says:

    let’s appreciate that this man bought a cup and a vase just to break it for a 3 second shot
    the dedication is on a whole new level

  2. Primo3859 says:

    I love that no matter how crazy and sometimes unrealistic these skits are, they always feel relatable 😂

  3. EElex Guy says:

    Nathan’s POV: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  4. just a person says:

    You know your day was bad when your therapist needs a therapist and that therapist needs a therapist

  5. Vanilla Beauty says:

    Can we just appreciate that he actually broke that vase for his fans

  6. Rax says:

    ima tell u rn…when i saw the therapist office sign…i thought it said “the rapist” office 0-o

  7. IQ_Tedar says:

    Him : at least i have a friend and a family
    His friend and family: *gets a really bad heart attack and dies*

  8. Haz 52 says:

    Nathan: IS SO BAD
    Ging Ging: Hi Nathan

  9. Anderson Le says:

    When a therapist has to go to another therapist, then it’s real bad

    • Kristian Franch says:

      Then the therapist who helped the other therapist had to go to another making it a REALLY bad thing

    • Jessy Biago says:

      @Kristian Franch then the therapist who helped another therapist has to go to a therapist who has another therapist by him and that other therapist had therapy that day with another therapist who had a therapist

    • Jessy Biago says:

      @Kristian Franch and that therapists therapist has a child who grew up to be a therapist and his wife was a therapist and his kid was name Ther A. Pist Jr ABD THE THERAPIST CHILD HAD A KID NAME THEE RAPYY

    • Jessy Biago says:

      @Kristian Franch who had a child name ther apudic

  10. Joseph Ganbat says:

    Alternative title: When You’re Living in 2020-2021

  11. Michael Wilkening says:

    Imagine he was actually allergic and just wasted like 50 dollars on reese’s puffs, also great video! Perfect amount of story, and really funny jokes too!

  12. Robot_Chives says:

    Man, he should have got his headphones stuck.

  13. Kryptic says:

    “If every single light I hit is green I can make.”
    Those words resonate with me to much.

  14. ImDeadInside says:

    Bruh the fact that he has so much Reese’s Puffs is quite funny. Lol

  15. Drip Duck says:

    “Wrong side of the bed, I didn’t even wake up on the bed” that was the best part

  16. Ahmad Al-Shyoukh says:

    I feel like the guy who’s having a bad day needs to watch some cocomelon.

  17. taizo schuler says:

    *try’s meditating* my brain: give him the worst thought imaginable!

  18. Mango Man says:

    The title should be changed to, when you’re living life

  19. Tommy Craze says:

    amazing stuff, so refreshing to see content like this – reminds me of the good YouTube days. New fan!

  20. abdulla azzam says:

    The therapist: Hold on a sec.
    *Goes to another therapist office to talk about how he would fix the guy’s problems*
    The second therapist: Hold on a sec
    *Goes to another therapist office to ask how to fix therapist 1’s problems*

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