When you’re quarantined in medieval times

When you’re quarantined in medieval times

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80 Responses

  1. Duchi says:

    “When you’re quarantined in Medieval times”

    *Son:* That won’t stop me from doing Heresy ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

    *Father:* That won’t stop me from punishing Heretics ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

  2. The Krispy King says:

    I know Daniel won’t see this, but your videos are such a pick-me-up. They’ve helped me get through a lot of rough patches, and have also encouraged me to pursue piano. Thanks so much for helping me so much even though I don’t know you personally. You’re the best 💛

  3. Jiren in your recommendations says:

    People quarantining themselves from Covid19: This virus sucks, at least I have my gadgets to occupy me.

    People quarantining themselves from the Black Death:

    • Anxious Earth says:

      @Zildjian Dela Cruz It’s a joke eventhough there are in rare cases where people actually say stuff like that.

    • Zildjian Dela Cruz says:

      @Anxious Earth a joke is funny if it is genuinely harmless and whatthis guy did right here is more of a spread of misinformation rather than a joke.

      I know people have a brain to understand that this may be not true but we live in a world where fake news spreads like wildfire. Please understand this.

    • Ezzeldin mohammed says:

      @dhruv sawant yes it won’t be *as* bad it will be worse

    • velocibadgery says:

      @R. A. What?

    • Anxious Earth says:

      @Zildjian Dela Cruz It is harmless. Jokes have elements that don’t make sense that sets them apart from reality.

      No one in their right mind would believe something so outrageous and no one with even a smidge of intelligence would lie so obviously. That’s the joke.

      It’s parodying the typical conspiracy theory by making it blatantly obvious and sound silly.

      This one in particular is like this:
      ‘Forsake your belongings into my custody for I am your peel guardian, chosen of the banana goddess.’

      See how it’s painfully obvious that it’s a scam? Just as bananas are the last thing you associate with a legit religion, jizz is the last thing you think of a sinister group and doomsday.

      That’s why it’s funny or at least clearly a joke. It’s mindbreakingly nonsensical.

  4. Just call me Z.Z says:

    Just at 2:36…
    “Hey kid you wanna be a knight?”

    *”Hell no”*
    Or “hail no” I don’t even know

  5. 5,000 Subs Without Any Videos says:

    When there is no skit that happens to be paid for at the end of the video:

    “Somethings wrong, I can feel it”

  6. Cinnamon 519 says:

    Me: Hey Alexa, play something cheery
    Alexa: plays up lifting song
    Me: No, no stop. Alexa, play something sad
    Alexa: plays depressing song
    Me: _Yeah, that hits the spot_

  7. Faté Gaming says:

    “You had to blow a finger and squeeze it all at once, it made a lot of noise”
    That sounded a bit dirty to me. Oh nevermind, I am dirty minded.

  8. ShockoDog123 says:

    Goverment: Stay inside at all times

    The homeless:

  9. Emma Kohlenberg says:

    “Hey kid you wanna be a knight” “HELL no”
    Just call that tritones demon back he’ll handle murder blade

  10. ahard-daysnight says:

    “We must get you some.”
    “Sir, you are risking a traveler’s life so that he may *finger the sac…* “

  11. Hector Caballero says:

    I’ll just take a minute to appreciate how Daniel’s acting is so great that I felt this video had 3 different people

  12. Lexie Luff says:

    This video should alternately be called: “Daniel gets exercise going up and down the stairs” 😂

  13. TheCatLadytm says:

    “Murderblade strangleperson”
    Sounds like something Bakugou would come up with.

  14. Shivani Ghatak says:

    Okay, the “Hey, kid! Do you wanna be a knight?” “HELL NO!” bit made me wheeze so hard! It’s 1:30 AM rn and I’m trying so hard not to laugh any harder. Thank you for this joyful video, Daniel.

  15. Evelyn Natzke says:

    *hears fiancée’s name*

    “You know we don’t need to send the letter.”

    “We’ve already sent the falcon, my lord.”

    “You sent a FALCON!?”

    “The fastest in the kingdom.”

    “Well you better kill that freakin’ falcon!”

    I died! Lol

  16. Imppy Plays says:

    “Finger the sack”
    Ah I see that I’m not the only one who does that

  17. Dave Tachibana says:

    “hey kid, wanna be a knight?”

    “hell no!”

    This was just amazing

  18. Queen Lauranimations says:


    daniel, i still remember that photo you posted on twitter.
    *_yEs i do_*

  19. puppypasta says:

    “The Butcher of Blood Savage.”
    “Oh he sounds like a character!”

    This is peak comedy you guys.

    • willi4m127 says:

      I don’t care lol

    • Harley Quinn says:

      willi4m127 I have looked far and wide. Traveled through vast, green forests and hiked myself up large, rocky mountains. From the sunny plains of Africa to the cold, snow fields of Antarctica. Yet, I have failed to find anyone who asked.

    • MiaMy says:

      Indeed it is, the other too comments probably dont get it lol

  20. ToxicSkull0 says:

    “You’re poor, is that what hotdog is?”

    That is a direct attack to literally every human being ever

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