When you’re too old for whooping #shorts

When you’re too old for whooping #shorts

#youtubeblack #roadto20k

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  1. Love Heals says:

    I did it so well one time my dad came in and told my mom, “That’s enough!” I really sold that shyt😂😂

  2. Deepthi Kandera says:

    Cause when you dont care she does it more and harder😭

  3. MadamZilla says:

    My mom used to me so much that every time she hit me I just crossed my arms and put on a poker face until she was done 😂

  4. Alice Miriah says:

    My brother and I would always go in each other’s room after like “that didn’t even hurt”. My mom probably heard us one day and just gave up lol

    • This username is taken says:

      @KXYZ I don’t really know, I’m from Europe but it does seem like majority of kids nowadays have no father figures. I’m not even being sarcastic nor joking right now

    • KXYZ says:

      @This username is taken That’s an American statistic, yeah?

    • This username is taken says:

      @KXYZ You forget one thing…

      *A lot of kids are, unfortunately and in fact, fatherless* 👀

    • KXYZ says:

      That’s when your dad need to come in with the belt. Teach a kid respect so they don’t turn out goofy.

  5. 🛹flyingfinger🪄 says:

    The evil laugh makes him look like an anime villain

    This isn’t copying the other comments

  6. Kyle Matthews says:

    My pain threshold is higher than what can be dished out in my household. It started off with me ignoring it, which was really hard at first, but now it comes naturally

  7. Russ T. Trombone says:

    Bruh I just started yelling “YES PAPI!🤤” every time that shit stopped real quick

  8. OB three says:

    I remember my uncle coming into my grandparents house ABSOLUTELY PISSED, when my mom asked him what’s wrong he proceeded to tell her that he spanked his 5 year old son for breaking something. He said he turned around and said “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT DAD”! So he said he left or he would’ve killed him!!!😂😂😂

  9. Jasraj Dhillon says:

    Mother: “Gotcha WHAT?! Aight come back here I ain’t done yet.” 😂

  10. Aizen-sama says:

    POV: Anime villains faking there death

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