When you’re unfriended (w/Hannah Witton)

When you’re unfriended (w/Hannah Witton)

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Shot by Eric Lombart

GFX by Bethany Radloff

Edited by Zac Surprenant

This video is sponsored by Best Fiends. I am incredibly addicted to this game hahaha

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20 Responses

  1. Quka Wong says:

    Your phone was broken

  2. Louis517 says:

    Is this ricegum’s sister?

  3. RizzleVidz says:

    I hope you die in a car crash

  4. Anjali Arya says:

    ON MY BDAY! :D

  5. Flower “Cookiegeek23” Child says:

    My friend an I were (well what i thought was) playfully arguing on facebook
    and she got so upset she unfriended me and messaged me to tell me that.Even
    though it was just facebook,I got so upset I didn’t accept her new request
    until about a week later.I didn’t talk to her for about a month and a half
    and since then we still haven’t talked more than twice.Crazy how much more
    drama filled life is with social media.

  6. ebonysphere says:

    Damn she baited us at the end.

  7. Graham ThomaZ says:

    wow lmao this is so true about Facebook ????

  8. Valerian Valentinus says:

    I love anna akana

  9. COOL 2d TOUCH says:

    + 1 like pokemon go to make friends

  10. luna says:

    I clicked on the thumbnail because Harry Potter glasses.

  11. taifu13781 says:

    so… a “cutterfly” right?

  12. Weird Person says:


  13. Kimble Glynn says:

    humans are truly doomed.

  14. A Bag of Delicious Doritos Chips says:

    It’s probably because you’re a feminist.

  15. Meg Geaney says:

    Hey I don’t know if anyone else was wondering but I NEED TO KNOW where are
    you getting your dresses from is it online and if so what site????? I love
    all your videos btw! :P

  16. LoLAwesomechad says:

    oh being unfriended? I can totally relate! hahahaha…….i have no

  17. Mr.Magic Games says:


  18. Janine Wan says:

    Anna-mated hahahaha that’s so good

  19. Matt-e says:

    “oh Hannah hi, you unfriended me on facebook”?”btw WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN

  20. futebolcapixabatv says:

    the cat is a mutant or an inhuman?