Whenever a scientist makes a scientific breakthrough.

Whenever a scientist makes a scientific breakthrough.

As a matter of fact. Just don’t tell anybody any idea you have.

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Oddwin – 19

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64 Responses

  1. Brianna Augustin says:

    Why in the hell every time Caleb dies or gets attacked it sounds like he’s being sucked into an alternate universe

    • Sylph says:

      Because he is. Caleb doesn’t make jump cuts of himself for the characters for his videos. Our universe’s version of him summons alternate universe versions of him to our universe, and whenever they are killed, they are returned to their own universe. This video was a snuff film.

    • Jon-John Pinckney says:

      In old fighting arcade games, when you got a KO that sound would come up. He’s imitating that.

    • Diego Silva says:

      Jon-John Pinckney and it’s funny as hell 😂


      hes a weeb

  2. Brianna Augustin says:

    I feel so bad for the last guy who found out how to teleport…

  3. Ravindu Chamara says:

    This man is about to ruin isaac newton’s whole career 😂

  4. Luke McNamara says:

    Did anyone else think he was gonna let the hotdog guy go through with the idea?

  5. The Game Grumps Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask says:

    Scientists: *make a revolutionary breakthrough*
    Government: “you some kind of nerd??? 🤔”

  6. Tyler Sun says:

    Caleb’s beatdowns are slowly becoming smoother, and harder-hitting, almost like he’s literally getting combos

  7. Jett Lekudom says:

    1:02 Did anyone else notice that he’s holding the *FITNESSGRAM PACER TEST*

  8. AEMolle 02 says:

    Scientists: “actually do their job”
    The government: hippity hoppity your life is now my property

    • A HA says:

      I mean, this is very common in history. The Soviet russia killed off a lot if scientists so they couldn’t leak their secrets of projects they took part in, and even further back in time a few rulers made master jewellers create masterworks and then killed or disabled them so that nobody else could ever have such a thing ever again. Unsurprisingly, most rulers knew not to kill the goose who lays the golden eggs, though.

  9. Dirtydan says:

    Yo the second guy just looked at the body, then keep talking.

  10. Thoryan says:

    *Cures everything*

    “The peeeeople!”

    *Cures hotdogs*

    “The peeeeople!”

  11. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    Scientists: This is a huge progress for humanity!

    Government: *We don’t do that here*

  12. happy gamer says:

    No one:

    CalebCity: The PEopLe

  13. Castlattice1716 says:

    I legit thought when they where dying they where yelling”THE PAINTBALL!” or “THE PING PONG”, I only realized on the third scientist they where saying “THE PEOPLE!”

  14. Joshua Shakir says:

    Bat guy: *walks away*
    Scientist: “This will probably make a lotta money”
    Bat guy: *Ultra Instinct muisc plays*

  15. Zhelu says:

    A 4th scientist walks in:

    “Hey I came for the interview?”

  16. TheGamer Ngaihte says:

    “The people”
    All they cared about was the people you Savage
    😂 😂

  17. Kayla Calabrese says:

    “This could make a lot of money”

    *So you’ve chosen death*

  18. buttus thundus says:

    A fuel that burns for 10 years

    Australians: ._.

  19. Girl dips says:

    Its so funny how his corpse just ended up under the table

  20. Awais Mir says:

    Scientist: I found a way to cure everything

    What government hears: “I found a way to lose us alot of money”

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