Whenever theres ACTUALLY a good dad in ANY show/movie.

Whenever theres ACTUALLY a good dad in ANY show/movie.

I call it every time.

19 – Oddwin
Melodic – Tidiane

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47 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Every good dad in these shows always has that signature mustache.

  2. Dam says:

    A mustach really makes everyone look like a middle-aged trucker

    • LegenWing says:

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    • Ondrae The Great says:

      @ay ru Yeah I know all about this guy, you don’t have to remind me.

    • Taikyokukon says:

      Can you please just leave the internet? Literally no one can forgive you after what you done to those poor girls. Just leave dude.

    • Itzarzky says:

      Ok groomer

    • Harvey Whann says:

      @Ondrae The Great sorry but you are referring to his other account called “damify” that one he has rn was proved to be subboted

  3. Dimbutdark says:

    Caleb is the only man that do bloopers with himself

    • H I K A M A R U 🅾️ says:

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    • Ahmed The guy says:

      Bruh, I just realised

    • Baby Ollie says:

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    • 26 Mic says:

      I be makin funny skits just like Caleb . I bet 100% it’ll make u laugh. If not u can come to tell me dawg

  4. Calvin Jewett says:

    “I have a really supportive dad. Like, REALLY supportive.”
    “Ok, but that’s not even, like, a superpower.”
    “But every time I reveal my dreams to him he dies.”

  5. Ashwin Selvakumar says:

    I love how he still wants to stay in the family business of farming tomatoes. In most of these shows the son’s ‘dream’ is wildly different from what the dad does for a living

  6. Datastream33 says:

    I expected him to shout “GET OUT, GET OUTTTTTTT” when the dad heard his dream. These endings work too.

  7. Arnold Rambo says:

    Caleb has such great chemistry with all the other characters on set

  8. Bryan Naing says:

    I salute the son. He wishes to carry on his family legacy, his lineage, but he aspires to go beyond, he wants to farm on the MOUHN and VEENIS, but he still wants to farm. I respect that.

  9. Sad Cat says:

    “I wanna farm tomatoes on the *MEWN* ! on *VENUS* !” the way Caleb said that just makes me wanna punch him the face 😂 with love of course because I love this dude

  10. Roberto Bastone says:

    I liked that he showed us both the good ending and the bad one; Caleb never fails me to make me laugh!

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