where I’ve been

where I’ve been

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35 Responses

  1. npesta says:

    Jesus Christ man, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been going through this. Wishing you the absolute best and hoping for a speedy recovery. Stay strong!

  2. Wallibear says:

    💛 only techno can be making me laugh while talkin about a topic like this man, you got this homie, thank you 💛

  3. Silvana Vargas says:

    My mom’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she’s taken it so well, she lives her life happily as always, so Techno just reminded me of her, she’s doing better and so will you. Cancer won’t stop you man, technoblade never dies!

  4. CharlotteSometimes says:

    Crying rl tears, this is hitting a little too close to home today. Good luck to you king, you’re gonna kick cancers ass!

  5. Daan Jollie says:

    Get this man to 10 mil in this trying time. He deserves it. Not only as a person but for making videos while having one of the worst diseases on the planet

  6. Dr. Pepper says:

    Conscience : “Thiccnoblade isn’t real, he can’t drain your wallet”
    Thiccnoblade : 0:55

  7. Destiny says:

    The fact that he’s still joking around warms my heart. Nothing can hold him down. I wish you all the best, dude!

  8. Sol or Sola says:

    he just went “oh yeah I have cancer” and moved on like “tis but a scratch”
    honestly mad respect for this guy, and no pressure for him to upload. health first <3

  9. Random_Newb says:

    Reasons to respect techno:
    1. He’s funny
    2. He’s straightforward
    3. He makes jokes out of the worst situations
    4. He make us all laugh
    5. Technoblade. Never. Dies.

  10. Ganer says:

    “the reason they told me my arm hurt was because I had cancer— that really couldn’t have gone worse, I don’t think”
    dude this man’s wit is absolutely unstoppable

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