Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

Be back soon

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52 Responses

  1. exenly says:

    *i feel like if she just did better and say less, everyone would understand her apology*

  2. Oopsie Daisy says:

    There is something REALLY WRONG HERE. you aren’t scared of us you’re scared of telling us the truth and maybe getting into legal shit

  3. Crystal Harter says:

    Once you’ve been rich its really hard to be normal again like all of us. Which is why she’s terrified

    • Heather Rembe says:

      because you know what it’s like to be rich????

    • Deja Rush says:

      She’s still rich though. She was rich before the launch, one of the RICHEST beauty youtubers. It’s sad that she could lose everything but at the same time it’s not like this happened with a collab. This happened with her brand. I used to defend her so much about her crappy launches because I was thinking along the lines of she’s the collaborator not the Creator. But here we are she is the Creator and it sucked. I feel like she showed her mean streak bashing people’s reviews and opinions, bashing her fans basically. Maybe she needs to be humbled

    • MissGlam19 says:

      Heather Rembe always that one person ( you )

  4. Nicole Dem says:

    This whole video is you talking about what you’re not going to talk about

  5. jennpoczik says:

    MY first launch was a disaster and I don’t know what happened.

    She does realize we all know what happened right? She is aware that Marlena told us all how she warned Jaclyn and Jaclyn didn’t care??

    • Ella Diffin says:

      Have you ever thought about the fact that Jaclyn didn’t listen to her because she wanted to see for her self what Marlena was talking about. People need to understand that yes she made a mistake and she is now paying for it but people also need to get over it if you don’t like her don’t watch her videos it’s not that hard.?

  6. Max W says:

    DECREASE the drama and INCREASE product quality. End of discussion.

  7. April Pettigrew says:

    11 minutes in and all I’ve heard is, “I’m here to talk about how I don’t want to talk about it.”

    • tinyLeo says:

      April Pettigrew what? the title of the video is about where’s she been and she literally said she wasn’t going to talk about anything else? it’s like you wasted those 11 mins not paying attention.

    • Tabitha Lambert says:

      I completely agree April

    • Jennie Payne says:

      @tinyLeo I’m at 12 minutes and she’s still talking about “what I want to talk about” and hasn’t said anything

    • Jasmine Theratlover says:

      I heard hire, fire, I’m responsible, refund everyone, new quality control, embarrassed and humiliated, lessons learned the hard way, stop feeling bad for myself (and stop feeding feeling bad with social media), get back to work, and start rebuilding (with a lot of emo tossed in). Did I miss anything important?

  8. Sophie Glenn says:

    Seems like all these youtubers are doing the same thing. Deleting everything and going ghost mode.

  9. Irie Honey says:

    The only thing that bothers me is she seems to be treating it like drama or a scandal but in reality… it was a health and safety issue… Like genuinely a big deal. No bigger brand would ever get away with being silent or not addressing it.

    • Carla Carson says:

      A bigger brand would have went public and told everyone not to use the LIPSTICKS But JH lie’s telling there safe after People getting there lips but burning and swelling and swatches burning and red rash on there arm’s

    • Carolyn Cordova says:

      Faker than a 3 dollar bill

    • Socky Uwatch says:

      youtube has been focusing on implementing new rules to prevent product review to a certain standard. – if those rules were implemented now, jacklyn hill would have more or less REMOVED those videos and stated her products are fine, and all of this would of been swept under the rug. (especially if she can fire and hire new everything in the wellness of her own home) -so were lucky its NOT implemented..but its still sad cause as serious as this is…its taken very lightly…300$ for severeal defective lipsticks and covering the information(should of did a rehual instead)- then to come out with “im gonna better myself cus thx for the ppl who supported me” is a… spoiled mindset…this isnt a “how ur effected” its how “ppl were effected”

    • Stacey says:

      Jennifer Swift if she doesn’t want to be held accountable as a big brand would then she shouldn’t have put a big brand price on her products ?

    • Pinki Steelerson says:

      But her lipsticks were tested and deemed NOT a health and safety issue. soooo…. yeah….

  10. J P says:

    No questions were answered though. I’m confused as to why this video was even made?

    • Docter Landy says:

      the  mil plus views = her paycheck…doesn’t matter what crap comes out of her mouth or the impact…..she just plain trolling for a paycheck

  11. Chelcie Nicolson says:

    6 minutes in and I still dont know where she has been?

  12. Juliana Purvis says:

    I just can’t with this video. Please hire a reputable PR firm to write your content.

  13. ISH GARCIA says:

    I’ll just stick with my Mac lipsticks. My face don’t need all this drama.

  14. Mink G says:

    You really need to stop saying “everyone has been refunded” when there are still a lot of people who have not received a refund and are having no luck getting anyone to reply to them. It’s this kind of constant petty lying that is making people fed up.

  15. E Kat says:

    Not really understanding the whole “not a large enough quality control” thing. One person can definitely see an issue and wave a flag and be like hey something is wrong with a majority of these lipsticks.

  16. Ashley Peters says:

    Where are your friends? Who told you this video was a good idea? Take some of that money to hire a PR person and maybe invest in public speaking class while you’re at it.

  17. Danielle Slaughter says:

    Jaclyn: You don’t get to sit back and cry when you’re the CEO

    Jaclyn the past couple weeks: Went MIA and cried


    • Linda Jordan says:

      MIA from social media is different than MIA from her handling her business as CEO. As she’s stated in this video, she has been handling her business and can do that without having a personal IG or Twitter

  18. Kawthar. says:

    How to put the blame on others while appearing to take full responsibility.

  19. Mariana says:

    1. Not your first failed launch
    2. Don’t need to delete social media to hire people.

  20. Stephanie Massengale says:

    She uploaded with a lame apology and manipulative language, then sandwiches the fact that she has a new lab and product launching soon. Followed by, “for those of you who still trust me, I am so grateful…” wake up sheeple, she’s selling more crap, she ONLY cares about your money.

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