Markiplier has gone missing… this is a call for help… please find him…

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20 Responses

  1. Benjamin Brady says:

    Thought it was a blanket… it was Ethan

  2. AmazingSamIs notonfire says:

    I’m lucky I live near L.A so if I’m lucky i can see him around

  3. theappletree1011 says:

    Oh hey Markiplier I just recently watched an rpg called angels of death. it’s a good story and has a cool plot twist like witches house. I think you may like it.

  4. KingOfTheNorth says:

    This is one of the gayest videos I have ever seen

  5. braid tastic says:

    aww mark and ethan are so cute to gather

  6. Rascal FireMay says:

    It looks like Ethan is dead inside

  7. Morgan Dowell says:

    After getting in a full blown argument with my mom because she insisted Mark was gay, I watch this.

  8. Kat says:

    Da fuck happened to Ethan ? as soon as mark laid down he went out. Wonder what went through his mind…

  9. MoistMaster says:

    Daddy? “yes” what are those guys doing… “i believe that is what’s called a gay orgy”

  10. TheGachod says:

    just one thing :
    please don’t be on YouTube Red, please don’t be on YouTube Red, please don’t be on YouTube Red.

  11. loko987bg says:

    The real question is………………….Where Jackspedicy is ??!

  12. Akshay Mahajan says:

    Dafuq is up with all the gay comments? I get the humour and all, but they’ve become a bit too much.

  13. Walking- horror says:

    oh my god how can we make a ship name for 5 people ?

  14. GoodPrince says:

    I am always like the Camera guy…for ever alone

  15. Jellah_ says:

    Did Mark get a Haircut?

  16. TwinkleSunnySun says:

    When you live in a diffrent country

  17. Blindstitic says:

    Of course all the fucking idiot fangirls are gonna go crazy

  18. Tori says:

    if I’m honest it confused me so bad when Mark introduced Ethan… then he layed on him and i was like, “oh… there you are.” ???

  19. FVOCKUSZ der verrückte says:

    its okay to be gay.

  20. Rkt898 says:

    Holy crap I didnt even see ethan at first

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