“Where You At Dustin Poirier?!” Colby Covington & Jorge Masvidal Post-Fight Interviews 👀

“Where You At Dustin Poirier?!” Colby Covington & Jorge Masvidal Post-Fight Interviews 👀

Octagon interviews from Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal as they give their instant reaction to their welterweight main event in Las Vegas. #UFC272 #ColbyCovington #JorgeMasvidal

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43 Responses

  1. ASD - DOCS says:

    What was the game plan coming in here?
    *Masvidal: “Break his face.”*

  2. Drew Olszewski says:

    The difference in the post fight interviews is hilarious. Colby is fresh, energetic and calling Dustin out. Masvidal is in need of a ventilator 🤣

  3. Axel_ Adams says:

    Colby took Jorge’s soul and spirit… He looks defeated physically & mentally

  4. Kingsley R says:

    Crazy to see how many fans Colby has in these comments… Jorge be getting a lot of hate for someone who was very popular a while ago!

    • F NC says:

      Partly because Masvidal is cringey and he just has revealed himself over time to not be that good. Post Ben Akren hype he is just your cousin who is into himself with an interest in Naruto.

    • Go Experimental says:

      Masvidal lost a hell of a lot of fans when he started to F**K with Jake paul. I was one of them.

    • John Watkinson says:

      @DH M 🙄

    • Billy Jackson says:

      Cos Jorge has turned fake and plastic in recent times, literally everything he used to hate. If he stayed real he’d still have all the fans

    • Rob Fagget says:

      I used to love Jorge but something changed in him. Either way God bless the united States military and all the first responders cause like Colby said, they’re the real heros

  5. 519achilles says:

    Joe: “What was the game plan?”
    Jorge: “Break his face”
    Hahahahaha I laughed out loud

  6. Mini Thin says:

    😂 street trash & swamp trash. No filter. This dude is the opposite of cancel culture. He knows how to piss everyone off. It’s redundant but still Hilarious.

  7. Maarten says:

    Would love to see colby vs Dustin next!

  8. NiceLmC says:

    I’ve never understood why these post-fight interviews censor ‘bad’ words. We literally watch people take months, if not years off their lives every week. Broken bones, open wounds and scars for life but god forbid someone swears.

  9. Gabriel Hogan says:

    Jorge getting booed at the end there probably hurt his soul

  10. William Hills says:

    Colby ragged dolled him exactly what he intended to do. Mad props Colby

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