Where’d Your Money Go? – SNL

Where’d Your Money Go? – SNL

Rob Gronkowski (John Cena), Conor McGregor (Alex Moffat) and John Daly (Bobby Moynihan) compete on Where’d Your Money Go?, hosted by Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson).

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20 Responses

  1. Nick Ross says:

    Hell yeah… blue vodka

  2. Sohan Islam says:

    Bring back SNL Jeopardy with Will Ferrell!!!

  3. Ellie says:

    john cena is hot hot hot!

  4. Sean says:

    Kind of a simple bit, but I love Kenan’s impression.

  5. Jonathan Ramirez says:

    Not the funniest SNL skit tbh.

  6. E-train ! says:

    Is cocaine your friend?

    No, its your family.


  7. schlöer grape says:

    Kenans impression was the best ??

  8. E. Battle says:

    Kenan always makes the best gameshow hosts

  9. I Don't kare says:

    I thought the middle guy was the dick in a box guy

  10. twentyonepoots says:

    dear god that Conor McGregor was brutal

  11. RobbieC says:

    Conor McGregor is not Northern Irish

  12. That1Yellow says:

    Gronk is surprisingly responsible with his money if you look into it tbh

  13. David Sargent says:

    Kenan Thompson is a fantastic SNL cast member in the mold of Phil Hartman or Amy Pohler.  He’s a solid talent who appears in so much for so long that the show won’t be the same when he retires.

  14. Charred Ice says:

    At first I thought Connor Mcgregor was Lionel messi

  15. Murad Diab says:

    That IRA joke was so underrated

  16. joe no says:

    Interesting fact, at the beginning of the 16′ season, Gronk had not used any of his contract money, and has only used and spent his endorsement contract monies. -Not a Patriots fan

  17. Dora The Explorer says:

    Horrible Irish accent

  18. Hello thereツ says:

    see how funny SNL is without trump bashing? LOL it sucks.

  19. RedEye2025 says:

    Where is Gronk? I couldn’t see him.

  20. GAME4WAR says:

    What kinda bullshit is this. This is Reality Revisionism. They want to be “politically correct” and completely ignore the fact that 99% of millionaire athletes who go broke are Black by putting 3 White athletes.

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