Which Blender Blends The Best? (TEST)

Which Blender Blends The Best? (TEST)

Which blender will blend your breakfast the best? We’re pitting 5 of the top blenders under $100 head-to-head to see. GMM #1466

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69 Responses

  1. Z S says:

    13 minutes of Link blending & no serious medical emergencies? New year New Link !!

  2. Lord's Brewing Co says:

    So what’s happening with Clearly Canadian!!?

    • Cedrik Kaurit says:

      +Erik Payton check the comments, there is a pinned comment from GMM from 17h ago. Scott Cramers video blew up and GMM apologized, saying CC behaved weird and they stopped the project.

    • Erik Payton says:

      Oh, I see. The posted a comment on Scott Cramer video with an explication. I thought the explanation was in this video.

    • Miister Cloud says:

      Haru Okumura It wasn’t there when I watched, probably wasn’t for many others. YouTube videos usually get a majority of their views very early, like first 24 hours.

    • Lord's Brewing Co says:

      Ok it’s been solved thanks GMM for the reply it will never be talked about again.

    • grouch314 says:

      I think I missed this. What do Rhett and Link have to do with clearly Canadian?

  3. BloodyMadlad says:

    Uh oh, be careful guys. Ninja might ban you.

  4. Austin Jaynes says:

    Ninja continues to smoke, Rhett still doesn’t unplug it…..

  5. apic says:

    Video suggestion: is that person screaming or yawning

    You see pictures of people either yawning or screaming and then guess
    The person with the most points wins

  6. nizbet says:

    Is David single though….?

    Asking for a friend ?

  7. Aaron John says:

    What did just Link do to Jen @ 5:59???????????

  8. ThisIsTori says:

    9:25 “thank you, David.” Translation: *”leave”*

  9. SorryBootThat says:

    Woah they named a Blender company after Ninja? Epic

  10. JustAMessenger says:

    I love the rock music when the blenders are turned on lol

  11. J B says:


  12. hunglegrungle says:

    jens face at 6:00 after link elbowed her is classic lmao. she just looks at the camera like “what did i do?????”

  13. BK says:

    “Okay, thank you David…” lmfao, awkward.

  14. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Don’t Press Read More

    You have a great luck for 2019. Like to activate

  15. Alex DaSilva says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone else see Link HIT Jen at 5:59 ???

  16. Directionally Challenged says:

    I used to melt army men with WD-40 and a lighter.

  17. Cody Erb says:

    What about Clearly Canadian?

  18. LNxTCB says:

    Looks like Link didn’t get that goth day memo.

  19. RedGaming says:

    who is gonna win the war of tseries vs pewdiepie?

    Let’s talk about that

  20. Chaotic-Fandoms trash says:

    I like how a lot of people are now asking about clearly Canadian because of the ONE video that dude made. And YouTube recommended it to all the GMM fans.

    • WilfreMH says:

      As if they even knew about it before watching that video. And now they are plaguing the GMM bids with comments about it when GMM already wrote a reply on that guy’s video.

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