Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

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51 Responses

  1. Ama Faith says:

    did he REALLY just TOSS Martha’s cookie like an empty soda can 1:53

  2. gisselle a says:

    “this cookie is underbaked” YOU’RE UNDER BAKED.

    im sorry he’s just really aggravating

  3. Katie G says:

    these are literally the worst judges you could have picked especially Mr. Meanie Beanie.

  4. Kristina Hoth says:

    please never bring the guy with the yellow beanie back on tasty

  5. Leah Addison says:

    use me as a ‘i don’t like the beanie guy’ button

  6. Kitty Katt says:

    What does that beanie guy eat when he eats cookies? Burnt cookies? Smh

  7. Caleb Wilson says:

    The bearded guy ruined the whole video. Next time get judges who judge on taste rather than appearance

  8. wjskkk says:

    3:21 sis you don’t deserve a next cookie smh just gunna throw it on the ground and disrespect the baker

  9. Brandon Wilcox says:

    Please don’t ever put the bearded guy in front of the camera again. Incredibly unlikable

  10. Anna Banana says:

    The dude in the hat freaking triggered me like stop complaining about how long the freaking cookie was cooked and tell us how it tasted. Ugh. Please never ever make him the judge ever again.

  11. Kaylee Berggren says:

    “It just like, falls apart.”

    *continues to rip cookie and drop it*

  12. Vishwanath Iyer says:

    The guy with the beanie…What’s your issue man ? Seriously Tasty, never bring him back… Throwing the cookie, what a drama queen…

  13. Brittany Edwards says:

    DON’T EVER bring back the guy wearing the beanie. His energy is terrible.

  14. The first letter of my name is L. says:

    BRO THAT IS NOT UNDERBAKED he is prob a person that let’s all his food burn and be like o it’s ok

  15. Sami Motaghedi says:

    I like watching these series, then scrolling down to read all the hate for the judges ?

  16. santanaoutlaw says:

    Fatboy acting like he’s a picky eater LMAO

  17. KFangirl4 says:

    The first time I’ve ever given a Tasty video a dislike. The male judge appeared miserable and made me wonder if ANYTHING would ever make him happy. I’m hoping he was just acting for the camera and isn’t that miserable in real life. His disrespectful manner and petulant behavior isn’t entertaining or interesting. Also, I believe the producers deliberately picked extreme recipes to pair against Martha’s. The other comparison videos had slightly varied recipes. A vegan recipe like the one featured in this video will never compare adequately against the other recipes – it’s an apples to oranges kind of comparison. This video didn’t meet the standards we’ve come to expect from Tasty and was very disappointing.

  18. Rosé Iane says:

    Male judge thinks he’s “savage”, nah. He’s straight up rude and picky. Wth.

  19. Marlinah Willis says:

    Never, never, EVER bring back the red bearded guy to judge again. I swear I’ve never seen a guy be that catty and bitchy over cookies before. He was even low key insulting the baker by suggesting the cookies weren’t baked long enough.

  20. pinkprettyflowers says:

    I’m sorry just the fact he thinks every cookie is “underbaked” just shows how’s much beardy dude does not know about cookies

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