Which Countries Are About To Collapse?

Which Countries Are About To Collapse?

Although the world at large is improving, some countries and their governments are struggling to even function. Although disputed, to find out which three are the most likely to collapse, check out this video.
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113 Responses

  1. Shyam Venkatesan says:


    • The Kamal Kartik says:

      Munoman23 …..they made Taliban because of USA….they never intended that it would go out of control….which is certainly happening now….us and Pakistan both r fighting there own creation…..it’s like karma…lol

    • venkitesh m.j says:

      War with pakistan is a waste of resources..They love destroying themselves….

    • Munoman23 says:

      The Kamal Kartik Nope USA didn’t point a gun or threaten pakistan. Soviet started all the way from Russia, to the central ‘-istan’ countries and lastly to Afghanistan. Pakistanis may be Mozlem but they aren’t stupid. USSR was going to target KPK and baluchistan next. Creating the Taliban was in Pakistan’s best interest. If USA made pakistan create the Taliban, then why was pakistan one of only 3 countries to recognise their rule in Afghanistan after USSR dissolved? Pakistan had very very good relations with Taliban and continued to support them even after USSR was defeated. They have admitted supporting taliban until 9/11 which was when USA put pressure on them to join their war on terror. Then the Taliban saw this as betray and started attacking pakistan. 80,000 has died. Can’t wait to reach 100,000. Then maybe the dogs will learn.

    • Jjkhjgkjhkjb hgjhghnjn says:

      13th in that list

    • Just me says:

      Shyam Venkatesan I guess you’re Indian

  2. VÂIBH! says:

    If it wasn’t for the United States (“Greatest Country in the World”) countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan would have been in a far better condition than today.

  3. 2SidedTech says:

    Glad I was here before the usual cancerous racist comments.

  4. paul han says:

    I hope North Korea. I would love to see Kim Jong Un’s downfall and final moments.

    • paul han says:

      You seem to forget the reason Iraq had gone down that way even after its liberation from the dicatator Saddam Hussein was because there were no major power to fill the power vaccum in the region. However, when NK collapse, South Korea, which is my country, can fill in whereas the situation in the middle east and rebuild the country from scratch. And don’t forget there are 600 thousand troops in SK ready for war and 30 thousand US troops stationed here too.

    • Bodacious Dude says:

      Giuliano Graci I’ll bring memes

    • Basil Montgomery says:

      You are foolish

    • Daniel Lim says:

      Giuliano Graci a lot of us will haha

    • Ronald Reaner says:

      Hee Sing Sia North Korea, the best Korea for pas 60 years voted by North Korea Magazine

  5. M1ke22 says:

    No Venezuala? Wow thats surprising.

    • Aria Dhika Rayendra says:

      I think is that these states are less covered by the media and Venezuela is very covered by the media.

    • MultiSciGeek says:

      Same here. I guess they factor in the development of country as well?

    • Vanitas says:

      If I remember correctly, they’ve already made at least 2 vids on Venezuela.
      Anyways, these are the 3 worst scoring world countries according to the Fragile State index. It’s evident that Venezuela was placed higher.

    • Seasonal Loner says:

      SuperSmashyfication the left has nothing to do with it ….Americans love to always make everything a finger pointing screaming match

    • Felipe Luengas says:

      M1ke22 Venezuela is not mentioned in the video because it is ranked at 58. It’s not because of the “libruls”, it’s because the list itself ranked it that way. Even though Venezuela is at a really rough shape right now, there still are countries that are doing far worse.

  6. MANTLE says:

    for how long can Africa blame its problems on colonialism

    • MANTLE says:

      colonialism didn’t “Only reason Europe isn’t poor is cause of the wealth they took from the rest of the world ” your taking talking points are honestly quite amusing let me guess WE WUZ KINGZ AND SHEIT .
      Europe is rich comparatively speaking because of its innovation leading to nearly all the devices and systems of the modern world , the industrial revolution , modern medicine , etc
      you cannot “steal” wealth from an area , i cant believe there someone could be this thick to be quite frank

    • Toasted Apple says:

      Thomas Jackson Japan was worse than most European colonization. They had warcrimes, and chemical weapons tested on civilians

    • MANTLE says:

      Shekinah sakala

      weird you wanted the European powers out of your country which is understandable but them wanted them to stay and “teach” you how to govern yourselves , you dont need Europeans to teach you how to govern , many other country’s that were colonised did perfectly fine after the west left , i think the corruption and violent civil wars is a result of Africans attempting to set up democracy’s without the base for them to stand on which the Europeans had built over century’s of kings , kingdoms , empires , feudalism , etc which is something that cant be taught
      i think the best thing is to leave Africa to its own devices yes some people may die but in the end it will lead to a better continent

    • Aphrodite says:

      For as long as they suffer in the problems. Our economies were left unstable and we’re not allowed to get _our_ resources without threats of war. Also this infrastructure you guys are talking about is all old, crumbling, and cheaply made in the first place. Saying we don’t suffer from colonization and all the corruption it caused is so ignorant, I honestly just feel sorry for you all.

    • Nico _ says:

      People will always blame someone else for their failure.

  7. Pranjal Aalishaan says:


  8. Xiānshēng Lee says:


  9. Hugo Banzer says:

    I hate North Korea, but you have to admit they’ve got lots of order and are far from collapsing.

  10. The Lil_Pup says:

    video started with India ❤❤
    example of developing world 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. Eva Deshmukh says:

    Where Is Pakistan..!?!

  12. It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. says:

    Never expected to see a man in nothing but a pair of cargo shorts firing a Javelin.

  13. Hannah Baker says:

    I’m dying all the indians are saying PAkistan lmaooo

  14. Clash royale Decks says:

    Niether India nor Pakistan is gonna collapse so stop fighting like idiots be good neighbours ….development will be lighting fast

    • KHM kArTiKeYa says:

      as far as i know IF india and akistan become close allies china wud not be much of a problem

    • Lord Beerus says:

      Yufurox 16j China is controlling Pakistan economy. Pakistan government is becoming ineffective. Inshallah everything goes well but Pakistan politics making people suffer.

    • Yufurox 16j says:

      Lord Beerus China doesn’t control our economy… they dun have much of a choice… it’s easier for them to transfer their goods through Pakistan Territory and they make a profit from it…. The government of Pakistan is Corrupted to its core

    • Yufurox 16j says:

      Lord Beerus Nawaz Shareef is now facing a trial in the Supreme Court and he’s trapped very bad.. he and his family are finished

    • sumit gidwani says:

      your comment is an illusion since 71 years

  15. Wesley Cai says:

    They aren’t really victims of European colonization as the Europeans built cities, schools, etc. and kept peace as well as provided money. Now that they’re gone it’s all chaos, the Europeans should’ve stayed to guide them for awhile before leaving.

  16. Life Traveler says:

    I was just waiting for this video 😂😂😂
    First scene was of my country – India 😂

  17. Common Zenoric says:

    1 word: Syria

  18. Abhishek Pathak says:

    Blame everything on colonization and never take responsibility for your own failures.
    That’s a loser mentality and they’ll never succeed with that self defeating attitude.

  19. Common Zenoric says:


  20. MB Porter says:

    Country music is a failure

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