Which Mob Am I Voting For in Minecraft Live 2021?!

Which Mob Am I Voting For in Minecraft Live 2021?!

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28 Responses

  1. NukeVsCity says:

    What would happen if i give the allay a shulker with netherite inside 🗿

  2. Kepi_Lepi says:

    Plot twist: The Allay is a banished Vex because he wasn’t killing players (and ending Dan’s hard-core server) so now he helps players as a ghost.

  3. undertale fan says:

    Literally no one: …
    Dan reviewing the allay: redstone talk
    Everyone: unholy screaming

  4. Midori_SkullDog says:

    I would go with Allay cause it dance when there is a noteblock nearby and it is also cute too. It helps the players by collecting the same items for you and thats good cause I’m so lazy at collecting items!

  5. Pig thing says:

    Imagine getting a copper golem and put a button hooked up to a piece of TNT right next to it.
    It would be sad and funny.
    Edit: they are making the copper buttons and he presses only those ones

    • lichen johnson says:

      I persanoly don’t think the copper golem will press just any button because it says in the vid “-and loves to press COPPER buttons-“ making me think it will only press buttons of the same metireal as it.

    • potato with a gas mask says:

      Mabel a puzzle that you have to make it go for one or you will die

  6. a clueless star says:

    yayyyy my vote is also going for allay!! (don’t worry, this is my actual choice- I know there’s a lot of problems with content creators “rigging”the vote but I hope people vote however they want this year :3)

  7. Miguel Mabborang says:

    Dan: Finally we have a useful pet

    His cats in hardcore: r we a joke to u?

  8. Eliakim Flores says:

    Allay: a helpful *VEX*
    Dan: “chooses allay”
    Me: “*hardcore survival ending moments*”

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