Which Players Are The Inside crew Looking Forward To Watching This Season? 👀 | NBA on TNT

Which Players Are The Inside crew Looking Forward To Watching This Season? 👀 | NBA on TNT

The Inside crew discusses which players they are most eager to watch take the court this season!

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34 Responses

  1. Dominó says:

    We don’t want NBA season to start because of the games, we want it to start because we want to watch these guys

  2. Navneeth Sundararaghavan says:

    Can’t wait for another season of NBA… On TNT!!!

  3. David Bagga says:

    As fans we all couldn’t wait to watch you guys. Thanks for bringing us so much joy and laughter. Best group in the NBA- EJ, kenny, Chuck and Shaq! 🙌🏽

  4. G S says:

    The running joke of comparing Kenny to dogs is alive and well at the end😂 great to see these guys back!!

  5. Cortland Curgus says:

    10 more years of all of them. Thank you TNT for making everyone’s next decade immeasurably better.

  6. The Bounce says:

    Happy for Chuck signing for ten more years and getting the bag! These guys make the NBA more fun and entertaining to watch.

  7. william moses says:

    It never gets old. Knowledgeable every one. Excellent balance between the four of them. Just a first-rate crew.

  8. Chris says:

    Thank God they are back. Congratulations on the new contracts. Couldn’t let Chuck go. 10 more years Chuck.

  9. BEEZus says:

    This off-season without the guys felt longer than before

  10. Volcomintality says:

    It’s a lonely summer when these dudes aren’t around. Always glad to see them back!

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