Which Website Has the BEST Mystery Boxes?

Which Website Has the BEST Mystery Boxes?

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Unboxing a Mystery APOCALYPTIC Crate! ➡ https://youtu.be/pNp66nbNzXw

There’s tons of websites that sell mystery boxes for you to enjoy (or get ripped off ?), but the question is – which website offers the BEST mystery boxes?? Today we’re buying a bunch of mystery boxes from various websites, including eBay, Amazon, and Vat19, and we’ll decide which box offers the coolest surprises! Comment down below which mystery box was your favorite!

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35 Responses

  1. TecknoBiss GD says:

    Matthias: Eh nobody cares about this series thing

    Me: MAT WERE IS THE MYSTERY KEY – SAFE – MINI SAFE – ??? WERE IS THE NEXT ONE??? (Disclaimer it’s been awhile since I have seen them so I forgot how they “ended it”)

  2. Lilly Lavender says:

    Tanner: $420.69

    I tHoUgHt ThIs WaS a ChIlD fRiEnDlY sHoW

  3. Im Pulse says:

    99 percent of the comments: tanner 2019
    Me: who else hyped for Endgame

  4. pandalover 10 says:

    At 13:33 did anybody else think tanner sounded like hank hill ???

  5. fvrrljr says:

    would’ve been hilarious if Zeus would go SAVAGE on clone, OLE!

  6. Fran bell-shanahan says:

    I have strep throat and this video made me laugh so hard my throat but I couldn’t stop laughing ????

  7. Playing music 569 says:

    Americans: “It’s kind of spicy”
    Mexicanos: “Sabe a Miguelito”
    Americans: “Wow it’s spicy”
    Mexicanos: “Sabe a Miguelito
    Americans: *dead*
    Mexicanos: “Pica poquito”

  8. Kayla Mabe says:

    I liked the amazon box ? The Pokémon cards part was cool


    Tanner: A sadpole. What should i say.
    Me:Wow that sounds like me.

  10. Emily Martinez says:

    You should make a episode were instead you guys their Liz reviews the products?

  11. beabug 123 says:

    Rhett and Link would taste it. Matt needs to stop being a baby. Making yourself uncomfortable makes way better content ??

  12. Monarch says:

    “You won what you didn’t want! That’s America!”
    – Tanner 2019

  13. Jia Ahn says:

    “Poo flakes”
    – Tanner 2019

  14. MarGuy Thatguy says:

    Matt has a speech disrupting aura, we have seen it in earlier videos dating all the way back to the Bryan days. It still perseveres to this day.

  15. Joanne says:

    Matt : “ Smell “
    Tanner : “ No Please .. “
    Matt : “ I smelled it “

    Peer pressure at its finest ?? died laughing .

  16. Cool But Lonely says:

    I don’t have twitter but my fav colour is blue and I’d love to learn to play the ukulele!

  17. Unicorn_ Lovers says:

    Wow…I wasnt supposed to watch this….then I saw THE vat19 logo….I HAD TO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. PeaceOut Beats says:

    Matthias: this is absolutley tanner
    Tanner: shut up
    Matthias: SCRAGGY
    Everyone: *Laughter*

  19. Omar Spider says:

    Roses are red
    Apple is too
    Yay I got a like
    Why is it blue?

  20. P D says:

    21:30 that’s *your* problem?

    No one else?
    Just me?
    Hmm, k.

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