Whiplash and La La Land

Whiplash and La La Land

“Drums is like pizza” – the man from whiplash says that.

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53 Responses

  1. Vosk21 says:

    I love watching Dunkey play games. However, when he busts out the kubrick references and starts giving these passionate essays on film, that’s when you know it’s grown ups only time

  2. Luke Grybko says:

    I loved La La Land, and your video may have convinced me
    to watch Whiplash as well.

  3. The 2 Time says:

    I never comment, but holy fuck this video was unexpected and amazing. Two of my favorite movies and my favorite YouTuber. Great video man, truly.

    • Pedro Alceu says:

      Was about to comment the same thing lol
      As many accolades these movies get, i still feel they’re kinda underrated and misunderstood, specially La La Land, and Dunk praising them is the best confirmation possible that these are awesome films

  4. Archem says:

    What a coincidence; Lala Land and Whiplash are two of my favorite games from last generation.

  5. Doofus says:

    I always appreciate your video essays Dunk, they’re concise, focused, and deliver a bite-sized experience that some YouTubers mistakenly try to cram in 30-minute videos.

    • Hadi Weirdmun says:

      @Jack Lant I don’t exactly understand what your saying can you make this simpler for me and my dumb brain lol

    • Doofus says:

      @Jay Stryer yea, I totally agree however, any content creator will tell you it’s a lot harder to get a point across in a smaller video than a longer one.

      In my opinion, if a video essay is meant to be informative, you can very easily ramble, lose focus or tread on something the viewer might already know. It fails to be entertaining if the viewer doesn’t care. This gripe of mine only exists for video essays though, and is entirely based off execution.

      Anyway, so that’s my hot take.

    • Jack Lant says:

      @Hadi Weirdmun There’s a lot more that goes into a video’s quality than just the timeline. What makes a 9 hour dark souls video good, and what makes a 4 minute dunkey video good is ultimately irrelevant to how long they are, and vice versa.
      If anything, it’s actually amazing that dunkey was able to get his point across so clearly in such a short amount of time.

      But please, don’t make opinions off of just one thing you’ve seen out of youtube, and then treat it as fact. It’s unhealthy for your critical thinking skills. This isn’t me being passive-aggressive either; I’ve seen too much crap happen on the internet in so many ways because someone assumed too much out of too little information, the most recent case being the Projared situation.

    • Hadi Weirdmun says:

      @Jack Lant fair enough I just think talking about 2 movies in 4 minutes is kinda odd

    • chrisbyerly says:

      I give Dunkey’s review a 9.2 out of 10

      It’s got a little something for everyone

  6. That Shadow Guy says:

    can’t wait for Dunk to review the sequel to Whiplash: “Small, Angry Man Yells at Trumpet Player in New York City”

  7. Cezar Celik says:

    “I’d like to watch a movie,and the reason is I’M THE PRESIDENT OF THE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

  8. Unidad176 says:

    The best part of La La Land is when Moonlight wins the Oscar.

  9. Sauod Abass says:

    La La Land really makes you feel like whiplash

  10. Outdated Meme says:

    This amazing dunkey. I love these two movies and i loved your video.


  11. Sunil Soni says:

    I’d like to watch a movie and the reason is…..


  12. Da Monster says:

    Good god Dunkey you’ve done it again – I can hardly believe it was your little brother doing the review the whole time!

  13. N4T3_74 says:

    Damien Chazelle is a genius. One of the best artists of this decade if not century.

  14. PENGAmurungu says:

    literally just wiped away the tears from rewatching La La Land, checked youtube and saw this

  15. Mi says:

    If you look closely…

    You’ll see that all movies are actually stolen from spider man 3

  16. Wojtek Chmiel says:

    Dunkey is a genius, cramming emotions of two 90min movies into 4:30min video. Notice the use of music:
    – 0:10 the melancholic setup
    – 0:22 a lively explanation of Fletcher character
    – 0:53 dark side of Fletcher with some serious dread notes
    – 1:01 music drastically cut for Fletcher shouting at fatty
    – 1:32 music _not_ changing when throwing Spiderman reference to make it even funnier
    – 1:59 channeling the uplifting part of the scene
    – 2:11 music breaks, reality checks in
    – 2:20+ music goes on/off, jumping between the dream and reality
    – 3:44+ now here is where the genius is really coming in. The hype build. The perfect hybrid between the scenes from La La Land and Whiplash building tension, finishing on one the best shots – Fletcher smiling with his eyes. So much stronger than actually showing the smile.
    – 4:09 meta message.

    Masterpiece. Unsubscribed, bye bye.

  17. Weather Vein Films says:

    La La Land was over rated for a whole 60 seconds.
    Then it became under rated.

  18. Frigga's Ring says:

    “Hi, I’m Dunkey and this is Lessons from the Dunkplay”

  19. Dylan Collin says:

    I have not seen La La Land but dunkey is nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye

  20. MLGODZILLA420 says:

    Damn now I wanna see more movie reviews and stuff from you because that was a MASTAPEECE

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