White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream)

White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream)

The White House coronavirus task force holds a press briefing as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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White House Coronavirus Task Force Holds News Conference | NBC News (Live Stream)

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79 Responses

  1. Lilly Grace follows Our Living Word says:

    Mr. President Trump will you be helping the disabled and elderly with the stimulus check???

    • Lilly Grace follows Our Living Word says:

      @trinity oftheMatrix thank you sister Trinity for all of your input and information that you have shared with all of us you’ve been a blessing to us all

    • Orchid Lover says:

      @gourmetgirl Elderly on fixed incomes staying home eat more.

    • Chris says:

      HARRY CALLAHAN-mortgage/rent, utilities, prescriptions…

    • Lisa Spiritdancer says:

      The elderly and disabled need to stock up on food, too. Most barely get by and run out of food monthly, so yes, they should be helped too. Will they be? Who knows right now?

    • sugar jones says:

      @EMILIAN BUTOIschizophrenic rant there buddy.

  2. Peace and Joy Be With You says:

    Okay; I gues I’ll go make some coffee and popcorn because in every president speech, it takes almost an hour for him to speak. Skip to 44:20, if you want to save time and get on to the show.

  3. Peace and Joy Be With You says:

    Skip to 44:20!!!!

  4. Ro says:

    “The invisible enemy unknown but we are getting to know it a lot better”

  5. Bruce schaff says:

    Starts at 44:10

  6. Charlotte Rose says:

    i don’t understand why the president and task force stand so close to one another!

  7. Victoria Smith says:

    *ok ok its happening……everybody stay calm……..STAY F******* CALM!!!!*

    -Michael Scott

    • michael towery says:

      @B W I dont think discrimination and dehumanizing a person is helping. Please dont be a bigot. Also you misspelled your name, BJ face full

    • Jamie Grennell says:


    • B W says:

      @michael towery: Gosh! I can see why iQ45’s your hero. Both of you act like little kids. I gave my opinion yet you call me a bigot! Something Mark Twain wrote just for you. “It’s better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    • D L says:

      @B W wow. Micheal towery just removed all doubt in my mind what a childish, foolish, easily triggered, little rageaholic snowflake he is.

    • ThePresentation010 says:

      Stupd bs

  8. Reluctant Prepper Family says:

    Crazy times. Time to be prepared! If you’re not, get it done. Play it smart.

  9. Dana Mashtare says:

    These people are not standing 6 feet away from each other.

  10. A K says:

    It is good to see the US following the lead of Australia by introducing elderly only shopping hour at the supermarkets.

    • jeffrey luciana says:

      Australia DID NOT start elderly hours for shopping, Ireland did

    • Rossana Alvarado says:

      @jeffrey luciana Thank You Ireland! Happy Saint Patrick’s day too

    • jeffrey luciana says:

      @Rossana Alvarado 🍀 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!

    • trocarcat says:

      Thank God we didn’t get struck first, or the whole world could be dead by now-
      At least we can look to the other countries to see what works, since education is obviously optional here, and leadership nonexistent- at least someone must have told Trump that he doesn’t want to be responsible for the death of the country, so he’s giving a little space for actual information mixed ion with his self-congratulatory orations.

    • a d says:

      that is unconstitutional

  11. Khai Tran says:

    If these thing last through the summer, the economy will crash , and we will be well into recession by then, we need a cure now!!!

    • Alex Warner says:

      Khai Tran there will be a vaccine soon, but 18 months before it gets to the general public

    • Plays in the dirt says:

      This is ALL ABOUT THE VAX!! DON’T TAKE IT!! 😳

    • Soft Breezy Day says:

      Cures for viruses are practically nonexistent. If they were easy we wouldn’t have aids or herpes treatments, we’d have cures instead.
      Also, the bad news is that the economy has already crashed. It’s just hard to comprehend what’s happening because it is at the same time suddenly happening, but also will take months to finish happening. Our world is going to be transformed in many ways over the next few months and it’s just a lot to take in.
      Be prepared because a lot of people are going to be grieving soon as well as struggling financially. This is as significant as a world war.
      Hopefully we can pull together.
      Unfortunately the lines around the block at gun stores is not encouraging.

    • Achievement Junkies says:

      No cure in sight for months and months, save your lives is all that matters

  12. julia kelly says:

    I think this gathering has more than 10 people…..

  13. Soft Breezy Day says:

    Drive thru fastfood, because junk food is so good for you, and there’s no chance the 20 year old fry cook who appears well might have the virus — even though half the people who tested positive on the Diamond Princess had NO SYMPTOMS!
    Cook at home!

    Also, does W Virginia even have test kits?

    • Gina-Lou Jean Baptiste says:

      @michael towery 🤣

    • Cate Ransom says:

      Same. I had the EXACT same response.

    • James Tony says:

      @michael towery Have you ever met 1 of these so called inbreads we have in America?? The people walking over the boarder taking our jobs n money need your attention, not fake racist jokes

    • Wednesday's Child says:

      If you get take out, take the bag off in the garage. discard…Then heat the food up in a microwave. Do not put the bag on the counter. Clean the counter and clean all boxes. Wash hands before and after eating.

    • ThePresentation010 says:

      Not the smartest comment but you tried

  14. Eliyah Walker says:

    i like how our leader says “things” 5 times in one sentence when my english teacher tells me not to say things once

    • Mike Collins says:

      biden says nothing in a whole paragraph and cant remember his words anyway

    • Niki Beee says:

      Mike Collins 🤣🤣 exactly spot on. And I’m 99.99% sure the OP is voting for Biden or worse, Bernie if he’s even old enough to vote.

    • moomoofish 1 says:

      Trump is a remedial fifth grader. No business being president. His cult is insane.

    • Eric Song says:

      @moomoofish 1 If a remedial fifth grader can make his way up to POTUS status I’m sure you can as well

  15. Priva Leuga says:

    I thought that the VP had the lead on this.

  16. hippiecheezburger says:

    The War on Germs 🦠 an unseen enemy, war on terror is the same mask of fear

    • Hải Sơn Lê says:

      Con đường duy nhất với sự lựa chọn cho Bọn Hồng Vệ Bình mang vi trùng Wuhan của Trung Quốc là Bọn Việt Kiều ở tại Việt Nam quay lại Mỹ.

    • health anarchist says:

      For sure. Truth it is

  17. Eliza Smith says:

    We’ve all known this for awhile if you’ve listened to any other country or a democrat governor for any state…fresh. Trump is a day late and dollar short FFS

  18. Eliza Smith says:


  19. Mike Collins says:

    im far more concerned getting my house painted than the virus

  20. Zak Ammar says:

    200 billion 300 billion every day treasury releasing money where this tons of money going !???

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