How White House press briefings sound in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ head…
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63 Responses

  1. Jericho B says:

    I love how in sync they are with the words.

  2. Swordterranean40 says:

    I was laughing throughout the entire video !! 🤣🤣

  3. SGT Ghost says:

    “Because you Succ” Sarah Huckabee 2018

  4. ImTheDaveman says:

    I admit it. I stole Lanky’s whistle. I was tired of him trying to impress people in his horrid attempts at playing AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells., at parties. He’d scare away the all hot single ladies and that my friends should be a crime. I let Kristen take the fall because – why not!?! (rhetorical – does not need an answer – thank you)

  5. I'm lost, please help. says:

    I finally found the cold distant mother I’ve always wanted!

  6. Fuzzy Puppet says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! The BEST one so far!! 😂

  7. TheAngieIshmael says:

    “I’m sensitive, yet dangerous, and I make nachos”

  8. SlavjanA says:

    “Ugh. I need a drink.”

    Wow, I didn’t know we had so much in common.

  9. Nova3000のヴぁ says:

    I would quote my favorite line but I don’t feel like quoting the whole video

  10. YYMBR says:

    Ok i have been watching blr since they came out and i love all their stuff mainly bc the nonsensical dialogue is so random. I have noticed that theyre starting to make the conversations flow better and make sense while still being weird rather than just random outbursts. This is prob the most solid work so far, and is by no means any less hilarious as the old stuff. I am totally feelin the rainbow dog. “Then where is my whistle!?” “How can i tell if my labrador is female?” You know how i was part of a gang that made bed quilts?… uh sure…” “im sensitive and dangerous and i make nachos” 😂😂😂

  11. Jake Taylor says:

    😂it’s funny how the voices actually match the people

    You suuck

  12. Lois Taylor says:

    2:43 “I’ll bury you people” 😂😂😂😂

    • Zer0 Gravity says:

      Lois Taylor : That’s pretty much what Sarah says to Jim Acosta when he’s digging his own grave by going full libtard with his irrational questions.😉😂

  13. Emmitt Nervend says:

    The least antagonistic White House press briefing since Trump took office.

  14. Royal Emerald Builder says:

    If Sarah Sanders actually used those names for the reporters during a press briefing I would love her forever

  15. RoDoz says:

    0:58 “Do you really need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that Walmart shirt” xD And everytime she said “you suck” = mood lol

  16. Daniel Vella says:

    Where’s the Bad Lip Reading in this?

  17. Al Guien says:

    “Uhh, do you need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that Walmart shirt?”

  18. Omnisin says:

    This is probably the most flattering portrayal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in any sort of media that I’ve ever come across.

    • Sebastian Howard says:

      Omnisin which is a damn shame because I think that woman is one of the strongest women in America. She takes such a brutal hounding from those reporters every single time and she always manages to remain calm cool and collected.

    • Bill Jones says:

      Agree – if I needed someone to lie, deflect, and obfuscate for me every day, and never give an inch even when confronted with the truth, she’d be on my short list. Somehow though, I don’t actually find myself in that situation where I have to lie all day every day.

    • Tim Qualls says:

      +Bill Jones At least wink when you say “truth”. These are the same reporters owned by about three media titans. Manufactured consent!

  19. Mark Dice says:

    She should treat those enemies of America like this!

  20. Forrest Hassell says:

    Oh great I have bushes of love stuck in my head for another year!

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