White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV

White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV

What does it mean to be white? MTV’s ‘White People’ is a groundbreaking documentary on race that aims to answer that question from the viewpoint of young white people living in America today. The film follows Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, as he travels across the country to get this complicated conversation started. ‘White People’ asks what’s fair when it comes to affirmative action, if colorblindness is a good thing, what privilege really means, and what it’s like to become the “white minority” in your neighborhood. For more information on ‘White People,’ and to join the conversation, head to race.lookdifferent.org.

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20 Responses

  1. Olivia Smith says:

    I see many angered and offended White (and other people too. Don’t worry, I
    see you guys) people in the comments. This video isn’t made to make you
    guys upset, but made to open a discussion that apparently most of you guys
    don’t like to talk about. Why don’t many of you guys like to talk about it?
    Things don’t go away just because we refuse to ackowledge them.

    You see, I realize that everyone is an individual and that individuality
    and independence are part of USA’s culture (I realize there are other
    countries who share this value, but I’m trying to stay on topic here) but
    as part of human nature, we like to clump and organize things in our
    brains, and then label it off. This is done with everything from language
    aquisition to music genres and more. We do this with people as well and
    unfortunately, it has had some complex detrimental effects on different
    groups of our society.

    While I’m glad that we’re starting to finally talk about this, I just want
    people to remember that this problem of racism is not people of color’s
    personal attack on the White person as an individual, but a system of
    constant opression that has been ignored and swept under the rug for a long
    time. Yes, we humans all have downfalls and injustices happen to us in our
    lives and they’re NOT always systematically done, but when they are
    systematically done, it’s REALLY not right. It’s REALLY injust!

    I know that when, “Liberty and justice for all,” was first coined, it most
    likely didn’t actually mean “all,” but we can make it that way. Let’s stand
    up against injustices even if they don’t affect you personally more often,
    if not always. (You know, be safe with all that standing!)

    TL;DR. Many white people are taking this personally. That’s not the
    intention. It’s not about you personally being a racist, it’s about your
    (plural) avoidance of systematic problems that don’t affect you (plural)
    negatively, but negatively affect your brothers and sisters in humanity.
    People of color can’t choose to ignore these injustices like you can, but
    injustice is injustice and we should ALL be fighting that, not each other.

  2. Felix Siam says:

    Wow. How stupid. I can see the native one, but a lot of “white” people got
    to America to flee extremely oppressive conditions in Europe. Go talk to
    some WW2 era immigrants, ask them about their white privalage. Ask a
    Lebanese third generation american about their privilege, then ask their
    grand parents, ask a Serbian immigrant about their privilege, this is
    bullshit. You can lump an Iranian, a Jew, a Swede, and Irish all into your
    WHITE category, and everyone has a different story. The girl you made cry
    at the beginning about “ghetto” is as white as the rest of your cast, come
    to Detroit. That is what she fears. You are way off base, and do not
    represent america.

  3. nick melis says:

    RACIST SHIT FUCK YOU MTV. suck a dick

  4. Haohmaru Of The Wind says:

    I’m not ashamed of being white. I love being white.

  5. Misfit1026 says:

    +tommy John Bahahaha the incest thing again!!! Oh wow I get a kick out of
    Blacks pulling that one. Ever heard of RAINN? Its an incest survivor
    network, they document cases of incest. Wanna guess who has the highest
    rate of incest other than Native American Indians? Theres is highest
    because of their attempts to keep their race from becoming extinct and is
    usually involving distant Cousins, or so the study said that I read. Next
    race to experience the highest rate of incest……. wanna guess?? Come on,
    humor me!!! Guess, I dare you!!! Sigh….. well, since I know you won’t,
    I’ll tell you…..AFRICAN AMERICANS!!! YAY!!! Seems if you are a monetarily
    challenged Black person and you have boobs and no dangly bits tween your
    legs, you better grow eyes in the back of your head, because your Pops or
    Brother or Unc is coming for you. The info is also documented by the Dept.
    of Health. Google “do only white people commit incest” then look at the
    myths links, the RAINN and the Dept. of Health one. The rest are not
    reputable, although they pretty much say the same thing, its a myth
    perpetuated by African Americans. I guess its like the saying goes, “If it
    makes you feel better, believe what you want to believe.”

    So, to your question Tommy, incest and molestation would run along the same
    lines. All races have committed Genocide or would you like me to go into
    detail about Rwanda, the hutu and tutsi’s, or maybe Somalia, or maybe the
    one in Uganda, or the one that is currently going on in Kenya and Sudan. We
    have quite a few true African Americans as customers, they were born there
    and immigrated here. Nicest people you will ever meet. Paid their bills on
    the first in person every month for years. Then the Black Americans got to
    them, told them how the system works. We now know to only extend credit to
    newly immigrated Africans, after about 6 months, they are ruined by the bad
    people in the Black Community. The criminals. They basically tell them not
    to pay any of what they owe, that we can’t do much, especially if they
    move. How do I know?? Because they told us who told them they don’t have to
    pay. You see, they are at heart good people. Cheating others is not natural
    to them and they know they were raised to not do that to others. They know
    we are doing them a favor by letting them have furniture on credit when
    they can’t get a credit card. My Family is basically paying for their
    furniture out of our pockets until they pay us back. So most pay on time.
    Still, we get some Kenyans who apparently weren’t raised like the sudanese.
    The Kenyans have been exposed to city life in Kenya, they know to hustle.
    The Sudanese are almost all Farmers and were raised in Village’s. They do
    not have the street mentality, the willingness to steal.

    Stealing of land…. want to know why the genocide’s are occurring in
    Africa? Sure, it is ethnic cleansing, but what are they doing after they
    kill off the people?? They steal their land. Next topic.

    Occupation of Countries. Kuwait asked for our help. Saddam went into
    kuwait, we were asked to get him out. Afterwards they asked us to remain,
    to deter him from coming back. Oh more recently, well, Sept. 11th OBL sent
    his merc’s to take down our Trade Centers. What would you have us do??
    Nothing? We went to war, what do you think happens post war??? The winners
    Occupy, why the hell do you think we are still all over Europe?? We were
    asked to help stop Hitler, repeat we were ASKED!! To far back, you must
    mean Vietnam??? Well, After WWII France occupied Vietnam, it was called
    French-Indochina, the North wanted to repel France and began to fight them.
    It got bad and France…….wait for it….. ASKED us to come help them, as
    soon as we showed up to save their asses, they fled the Country. Yup, left
    us to finish what they no longer wanted any part of. So you see, we, White
    Americans, I mean, thats what you implied, right, its us White’s that went
    to war, lets forget the millions of Blacks that were in the Military, lets
    not give them any credit for being a part of our, catch that, OUR Military.
    So, I will take the liberty of guessing you meant the fact that White
    Leaders made the Decision to go into these Countries we “Occupied”. Maybe
    now you can understand that we were being rather nice to help our Allies
    when they needed help. You see, like it or not, the US is always looked at
    as the Worlds Police. Just like your Local Police, our Country is hated,
    until other Countries need us, then they dial up 911 and ask ole trusty USA
    to come rescue them, then we are hero’s for a few days. Then they hate us
    again. Got it?? Good, Next??

    Last one…. Mass Shootings. I’m tired of doing all the work, so let me
    throw this at you, The D.C. Sniper, The Naval Yard Mass Shooting, both
    Black guys. Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, NYC, L.A., Memphis, etc. ALL
    have had Mass shootings, look up the definition of mass shooting. Now,
    Blacks have had SOOOO many “Mass Shootings” They had to be classified in a
    special catagory…. Gang Shootings. So Congrats!!!! WOOHOOO!!! You WON the
    mass shooting contest!!! Your Community had so many shootings involving
    multiples of people that the Government classified those shootings in their
    own catagory. Or.. Wait, do you think a white guy killing 2 people and
    wounding 7 is different than a Black Guy spraying 150 rounds at a home,
    killing 3 and injuring 5, one of the dead a 3 year old girl playing
    outside, is that somehow different?? I think not. Its a mass shooting no
    longer called a mass shooting because it was so common, they needed to get
    it into its own catagory to focus on it full time since mass shootings by
    Whites are fairly rare occurrences.

    Face facts man, White people RARELY ever commit crimes against Blacks these
    days. Sure, you can dig up shit from my Grandfathers generation, where they
    lived with segregation and Blacks were targeted. That ain’t me, that ain’t
    my people. If White’s are so bad, why is it this Country has always been
    the place everyone dreamed of moving to??? That is changing now, more and
    more, people want to move to other Countries instead of here. Why is that??
    Because it has turned into a shitty place to live thanks to gang violence
    aka Black/Hispanic Mass Shootings. Thanks to racial turmoil, because Black
    folks feel empowered due to my vote and my neighbors vote and his neighbor,
    all whites, voting for Obama. We put him in Office and the thanks we get,
    attitude, claims of things done to Blacks over 150 years ago I nor any
    living white person had anything to do with. Voting for Obama opened
    Pandora’s Box. Now I’m some bad person because of my skin color, now all
    the feelings Blacks have passed down to you and others your age and younger
    and some older, are being voiced at me and others my age. See, your grandpa
    passed along stories of how poorly his grandpa was treated by whites, he
    passed them to his son, his son passed them to you. Maybe it wasn’t
    stories, maybe it was just mistrust, maybe it was hate, maybe it was
    racism, but they all passed down something, because I hear it daily.

    We have a Constitution, all men are equal. If your ever treated in a manner
    that is inequitable, let someone know and get it right. Don’t shrug it off
    and turn it into more stories about Whites in general being racists. I’ve
    confronted just about every Black person I ever hung out with when the talk
    turned to racism and it ALWAYS turns to racism. That is all Black Males
    want to talk about it seems. Anyway, I ask, after hearing how bad Whites
    can be, I say “So, tell me, what racism have you experienced personally??”
    Inevitably, I hear generalized stories of Perceived Racism. Like they
    elevator purse clutching story. Every time I get on an elevator or close to
    a White Woman, she grabs up tight on her purse and shit…. Thats when I
    say, I get the same thing, I’m White. Women don’t trust men, its got
    nothing to do with your color, Black women do the clutch the purse thing
    too when I get around them, you don’t hear me yelling racism. I ask for
    more, they tell of walking near cars and hearing doors lock…. again, I
    get the same thing, people don’t trust people, especially Men. So I ask for
    more examples, I get stories of how they were pulled over for DWB. I ask
    what were they ticketed for? They say speeding, I ask if they asked for the
    car video and audio, we have car vid and sound here, always running when
    cops go after anyone. They always say no. I ask why? They admit to
    speeding, then say the cop had an attitude, he must be racist! Or they say,
    he was too nice, like fake nice, I know that mf’er was callin me a ni$%er
    after he left!! To which I just shake my head. Only rarely do I meet a
    Black Man that has a real story of real racism. When I hear it, I
    appologize for him having had to deal with one of our dumbass trailer trash
    hicks. Then I relate my story, where I worked in a Bakery that baked the
    bread for most of the mid-atlantic region. I was the only White guy on the
    shift. My Supervisor was a Black ex-Army guy. Know this, I get along well
    with Black folks. I treat all people well, long as they treat me well. So I
    became friends with all the guys on the shift. My Super told one of the
    guys he was gonna find a way to get me fired because I was White, he didn’t
    like having a “White Boy” on his shift. He tried to sabotage me when I
    temps on the oven while I was on break. He tried everything, but I was wise
    to it all, because my fellow brethren had informed me of his intentions. So
    why did they all let me in on his intention to get me fired? I asked a few
    of the fellas a few weeks later, after I quit on the worst day possible,
    leaving my Supervisor with no break man, he called in sick, no vacation
    man, that was me and it was a shut down day. Shut down days our shift had
    to stay until the bread finished being made, the other shifts were on their
    day off, so we had no one coming in to relieve us. By me quitting, it made
    my Super have to fill my position. He didn’t have the previous shifts
    Supervisor to help either, I told him prior to quitting to get the hell out
    of dodge, because I was going to quit and he would be told to stay over and
    work my spot. So he left early, lol. My Super had to work 26 hours. Thats
    what the guys said. On top of that, the bread he ran all failed post
    inspection, because his dumbass left the dampers open on the oven lowering
    the temps, which lead to undercooked bread lol. He was fired shortly after.
    I had made sure to document every time he came around and cussed me out,
    which was daily. I told a different Supervisor each time, he wrote down the
    date, time and if there were witnesses, he then questioned witnesses and a
    few times, I even recorded him cussing me out, even got him on tape saying
    he was cussing me out because he knew I would do something to deserve it
    when he wasn’t around. I never did anything wrong, much less to deserve the
    fits he used to go into. I just smiled and went to the other Super and
    documented it. When I quit, I told the Plant President he was lucky I
    wasn’t suing the Bakery because I had reported the racism and poor
    treatment and daily cussings and they chose to do nothing. They acted very
    nice towards me needless to say. Even offered to give a sparkling reference
    to my next employer. So you see, racism is everywhere in every race in
    every Country.

    Whites have admitted their past transgressions. Why we are still going at
    it with each other is beyond me.

  6. Digby Robbins says:

    Fuck this. 

  7. ranger082469 says:

    show needs to be called who can out pc one another.

  8. John T Jefferson says:

    lola bigcups+

    to be clear, not all people who are white are descendants of those whites
    and Spaniards who pillaged the Native American Indians over 200 yrs ago, so
    it is wrong to assume the white teachers’ “people” are those who did the
    ‘wrong’ you’re referring to.

    there’s also another side to the coin documentarians like Jose’
    intentionally neglect b/c it doesn’t align w/ their goal to divide people
    groups and that is, while there were many many many whites responsible for
    wronging Native Amer Indians, there were also more whites than others who
    helped them reconstruct their lives afterwards. They were called
    Christians, who at the time, were mainly white.

    Documentaries can’t give a full story or paint an accurate portrayal of an
    issue b/c it affects the marketing. People are much more inclined to talk
    about a story, fictional or nonfictional, if there is a villain in the
    storyline. And here, obviously white people are such.

    Just like we only hear one side of the Civil War but never about the
    millions of people who helped the wounded, and the outcast after the war
    was over. Again, these were mainly whites who aided the resistance to
    slavery and the effects thereafter to rebuild a torn country.

  9. Kai Mills says:

    Honestly, some people in the comments are making people look worse than any
    of the people in the video.

  10. sebbspato2 says:

    +sebbspato2 *high school

  11. cristiano rodrigues says:

    this is pure communism, this is pure cultural Marxist propaganda.

    The movement “white privilege” takes as its starting point the critical
    race theory, which is a subset of Marxist critical theory, specifically the
    cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School.

    Unlike traditional Marxism, which sees inequality for economic reasons, the
    cultural Marxism holds that inequality is the result of culture.

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”, the radical
    claim that this is the rule 13. Rule 13 of the Frankfurt School.

    I’m not American, I am Brazilian and I find it all a mess, you Americans
    win the cold war but lose culturally to communism that invaded their
    country and destroy from the inside out, the values ​​before pregavem are
    now ridiculed, sad but embreve that this was a proud empire will fall like
    so many others who have followed the red flag.

    So to make it clear I am black, and I think they should make a documentary
    so black bre run by whites and that show violence which whites suffer which
    according to statistics is much greater than that suffered by blacks. but
    anyway I hope no longer fresh that became and go back to being strong and
    proud as the once were

  12. BrainSeepsOut says:

    white priblig: the documentary
    Blacks are just as racist to whites as vice versa. Whenever you deal with a
    black person you have to go out of your way to prove that you’re not “one
    of those racists”. So shut the fuck up, these “privileges” are just

  13. Barry H. says:

    Instead of whites feeling guilty for being white, why people start not
    feeling suppressed, get out with a different attitude. whole groups don’t
    have the attitude of the ass holes of that group…. Go to any job
    interview with the attitude of being able to get it. a neg. attitude will

  14. Snuff Daddy says:

    this guys here illegally and doesnt pay his taxes and now mtv hired him to
    lecture white people. i love how he let that whole “ghetto” thing go in the
    black girls favor instead of educating her. you know those run down nasty
    neighborhoods the jews were stuck in during the war? what were those called
    again? oh yeah GHETTOS! must have been because of all the black jews tho
    got it

  15. Danai Arianator says:

    When I was young, I always wanted to be white because I was in a white
    school and I felt like I was the “odd one out”. But now, I’m happy to be
    black because this is how I was made. We can never change who we are.
    Please, be yourself because that’s all that matters in life. Don’t be like
    MJ (i luv MJ don’t hate) and bleach your skin. You are amazing, just the
    way you are. I still wonder why being a different color makes you weird and
    disgusting. You just have to face the fact that you live in a world where
    there are many other races. Thank you for reading.
    bye Felicia

  16. Félix Paradis says:

    I listened to an interview with Jose on CBC and felt really eager to watch
    this documentary, now that I’ve watched it I’m pretty disappointed.

    It is as if you tried to fit in too much content and never really got deep
    into anything. For instance, the parents of the man giving white privilege
    classes, what are they really thinking? You didn’t dig deep there.

    anyways, perhaps this doco is a good start on getting white people involved
    in the race conversation nonetheless.

  17. Zombakia2 says:

    I’m black. Don’t buy into this race war the media is trying to portray.

    The government wants to make order out of caous and they are trying really
    hard with anything they can use.
    Gay straight
    White black
    Male female
    U name it

  18. Sarah Braz says:

    What a Joke of a documentary. This guy is basically telling the world all
    white people are racist wrong jerks. It was 44 mins of saying be proud of
    your race.. Unless your WHITE. I Thought this might be worth a watch, I was
    very wrong. The shaking his head & giving the judgemental look on his face
    everytime a white person spoke tells you right off the bat, he has a
    problem with caucasions. Pathetic MTV 

  19. Dom says:

    “White is the default race.”

  20. WeylandYutaniInc says:

    Remember these are all young people (20’s & 30’s) not people brought up in
    1920’s. So if white people are racist…then what the root of this racism?
    I think it is genetic and not taught.