White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

White soldier charged with assault for shoving, berating Black man in viral video l GMA

Active-duty soldier Jonathan Pentland has been charged with third-degree assault and battery after he was seen berating and shoving a Black man in Columbia, South Carolina.
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44 Responses

  1. Royal Ramble says:

    We acted swiftly after millions of people had seen the video

    • MrYo888779 says:

      Ok great can we act “swiftly” towards real problems like global warming, wealth inequality, etc

    • H1 N1 says:


    • Barry Davis says:

      @Erik Gordon You make convenient speculations to build your case. But a White man CAN have a Black wife and be racist. Many White men (including Presidents of this country) impregnated their Black slaves.

      Would he necessarily assault the person filming?

      Why couldn’t or didn’t the guy just call the police on the young man if he did something to ‘provoke’ this? You are saying it’s okay for a man to push a kid?

      What does a ‘black lady walking calmly in the background’ have to do with it?

      Ple3ase reasonably respond to any of my questions.

    • Barry Davis says:

      @Don Nwzad This is racism and YOUR contribution: you can make it seem on the surface to be an isolated and ‘normal’ or ‘justifiable’ encounter. There is Black on Black crime. There is White on White crime. They happen primarily due to proximity AND are proportional. With racism, Whites have an expectancy that they can treat a Black person as ‘less than’ although it goes against the grain of human decency or even law. You might scour the Internet and find a couple of incidents with a Black man treating a White youngster this way BUT relative to how often this happens with White against Black AND the presumption that there is now more to the story, those things demonstrate the racism.

      The sad norm is that most people alleging or believing there is more to the story, they believe so based on skin color. That’s racism. And those that see nothing wrong with the encounter on the video, mostly likely they reached that conclusion based on skin color: It is a White man’s privilege to treat a Black man this way. There is your lesson on racism AND potentially what is conflicting you in your heart.

  2. Jarid Gaming says:

    People that dont live in your neighborhood can come into your neighborhood. I ride my bike through neighborhoods all the time looking at yards and houses. Some are really pretty and a nice bike ride

    • Onechill Braj says:

      @ms operator Arbery was known for using jogging as an excuses. a convenience store he shop lift from even jokingly referred to him as ‘the jogger’ because he would jog outside before running in. look up his records and what came out in the trial. thats not saying he deserved to die but im just saying jogging was a common excuse he used. still even if you are a thief you shouldn’t die. The guys shouldn’t have pulled guns on him but him trying to take the shotgun was the point were they have to shoot. by pointing guns they escalated the situation but if they wanted to execute him they would have shot at him before he was even close.

    • Sancho Mack says:

      @Todd Funny how yall ALWAYS assume the worst with blacks🤦🏾….”lurking”? On the damn sidewalk?😂😂

    • Sancho Mack says:

      And stuff like this and the unsurprising comments in the section defending it are why i carry🤷🏾

    • nothing nothing says:

      @ms operator Proof is not shown on news because they hate white people. Just ask whites and asians that have been assaulted walking through black neighborhoods.

    • Onechill Braj says:

      @ms operator look at asian ppl in san fran being killed.

  3. MegaDreamer1991 says:

    I walk through nice house neighborhoods when I don’t feel like studying. It motivates me to study and work.hard so one day i.can own a nice home

    • LIN TRAN says:

      i use to drive thru $1MIL areas, hoping to one day live there,,,,but the area’s real estate is now like +$4 MIL property, out of my price range (Potomac VA/MD area)………LOL

    • TheOnlyOne WithGum says:

      @Andrew Eric What does that have to do with this case? If you’re implying he was pulling on car door handles, please provide a reputable source, so we all can stay informed. Thanks!

    • Andrew Eric says:

      @TheOnlyOne WithGum not about OP but on my street cars constantly get broken into and the people down the street moved because a dude broke into her house while she was with her baby and he had cordage and stuff to tie her up. Some places when people are on the street they are really up to no good I’ve got a ring installed now was able to stop a number of thefts

    • NerdyPanderz T.V says:

      I like to watch through rich neighborhoods because I grew up in a small 2 bedroom house in the inner city.

  4. 14th Ivy says:

    Even IF he didn’t live in that exact area….. I walk daily and I walk through areas where I don’t live. Is that illegal??? Smh! 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Evolution Glitch says:

      @diglossia  @diglossia  thats some shity thinking. Baldy clear was drawn out of is house for a reason. Loitering is some bullshit idea based on literally nothing. Prove me wrong.

    • NerdyPanderz T.V says:

      @diglossia okay and? I stand around and walk in rich neighborhoods all the time. Because I think it’s beautiful considering where I grew up I only saw it on tv.

    • Banana Nut Crunch says:

      @Evolution Glitch “jumping to conclusions without the facts.” Fake Steve Wilkos did that when he assumed that the kid wasn’t from the neighborhood.

    • MikeeB28 says:

      @Evolution Glitch I don’t care if there was a million people out there. What do you think might happen when you put your hands on someone? He is a pussy.

    • diglossia says:

      @Evolution Glitch Loitering is threatening. It’s part of our legal system to allow communities to prevent, stop, and punish it. For your own good, I’d advise against it.

  5. The Stoney Times says:

    He’s the exact type to have such a fragile masc presentation

  6. John says:

    A bad temper is the most expensive possession a person could own.

  7. Alex Z says:

    Props to the dude for keeping his cool when the man push him. He knew The guy was looking for him to act agressive or violent back

    • Legend123 says:

      @Froward Thinker Walking on the side walk is the towns property you

    • M SAL says:

      Nah he knew it was going to get his shit pushed in 🤣

    • Jeff Jacobs says:

      @Monsterbitxh get me a beer bitxh

    • Mahogani Heart says:

      That’s what they do so they can try to keep this negative narrative going but all they are really doing is showing that they are the F***ed up ones. He lives in the in that area and can’t go for a walk and to be assaulted??? that’s insane. But if this kid would have beat the brakes off this so called soldier then he would have been wrong and the wife would be playing victim. This is so tiring and just a repeat of the past but they are not ready for the out come this time.

    • Kingw3Boxing says:

      @Eddie K That Sheriff is about to lose everything because he’s getting going to face civil and military court. He’s already been arrested and posted bail. That racist bs is really good right? Fuck outta here. 😂

  8. Brian Myers says:

    Theres never any excuse to touch someone else like that especially without first being attacked in some way. He further had no right to question that guy.

    • TheOnlyOne WithGum says:

      @M N Oh wow, that happened? Please give us a source on this!

    • on OFF says:

      He may very well have had a right to question the guy. We don’t know what was happening here. If the guy had demonstrated himself to be violent prior to them intervening, then a shove is 1000% warranted if he persists and makes moves to approach someone else

    • M N says:

      @ayekay47 -Washington Post, State News, or just Google “tried walking off with baby” and he’s right there at top

    • M N says:

      @Møth_666 boi you can research yourself, or sheep with the rest

  9. Presi Dave says:

    I pray for patience that young man has

  10. Edna De La Garza says:

    Proud of him for keeping his cool

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