Whites Only?

Whites Only?

Pretty self-explanatory. 😀

Location: Marriott Marquis in Atlanta. Dragon Con 2015.

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20 Responses

  1. Cameron Kugel says:

    I love how people are taking this seriously, hey racists and social justice
    warriors, it’s a joke!

  2. MikeyDatsNotNice says:

    it does work with mexicans and hispanics just not blk weve proven this at
    work too

  3. thejakestur says:

    How the fuck do you have a white hand and a black hand????

  4. Samantha Stevens says:


  5. Chuck Turner says:

    I never wash my hands after taking a piss because I never piss on my hands.

  6. Christian Quinonez says:


  7. John Hilde says:

    I got an erection… Awesome

  8. Uber X says:

    More like left hand vs. right hand…avoid self fulfilling prophecy

  9. quontium13 says:

    People are taking this way too serious. Chill the hell out people

  10. Jayy Joseph says:

    this is some bullshit; what the fuck is this!

  11. Los Hermanos Dance says:

    Check my Video ?????????????????????

  12. Margery Woodard says:


  13. Alexander Stockert says:

    black dude has his hand further away from the sensor and his fingers
    pointed up Larry has his hand closer with his fingers pointing forward and

  14. Bobo King says:

    Blacks are dirty criminals

  15. LuKas Kasdan says:

    Fuck you, soap dispenser!

  16. John Doe says:

    Forget the black hand being too high up for the sensor to pick up on;
    what’s truly amazing here is that his right hand has deemed itself a Larry,
    and has become autonomous.

  17. SidenyCalliber says:

    ?? it’s a joke obviously

  18. Jake Jacoby says:

    To be fair, the second guys hand went a little bit closer.

  19. Manuel Zavala says:

    Lol. Racist sink.