Who Cares About the Metaverse?

Who Cares About the Metaverse?

My actual thoughts on the “metaverse” and VR and AR right now.

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0:00 The Intro
2:15 Who Cares about the Metaverse?
4:44 The Technology
7:59 Is It Actually the Future?
13:33 The Problem



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42 Responses

  1. The Rest Of Us says:

    Zuck should just let Marques do their presentations. This was so much more enlightening and frankly convincing than the hour long meta keynote.

  2. Arda Öcal says:

    The flow and utility of AMC2V integrating with online stores is just amazing concept through and through

  3. SomeoneOnlyWeKnow says:

    That little demo of the virtual displays on top of the laptop was infinitely more convincing than any marketing material meta has ever produced

    • malay thakkar says:

      @mithikfish2 if you watch the video with mark on Adam savages channel it’s clear that’s he’s passionate about it and knows a lot about it, but he is definitely not very charismatic lol

    • SomeoneOnlyWeKnow says:

      @Jens Huxley Oh I never said I’d buy it lmao

    • legendp2011 says:

      @DramaLama you’re just trolling now. quest 2 sold 15 million units. ps5 sold 22 million. clearly at-least some people are happy to use a headset for more than 10 minutes

    • Jens Huxley says:

      cheap plastic look and cheap components for 1,5k xD who buy that lol.

    • Jerrod Shack says:

      @Grizzly it’s not because he’s a nerd, it’s because he’s a soulless billionaire that would throw you into an incinerator if it meant Facebook’s revenue would increase

  4. ComedicInc says:

    Marques, I just wanted to say that I really like this style of video, with the clear chapters and continuing thoughts. This is the most fun I’ve had watching one of your videos in a while!

    • Praneeth Jayasimha says:

      Lol this is just META advertisement, as many people loosing hope on meta stock. they are trying to move stock up.

  5. tolga karaca says:

    With everything going on I am fully putting trust in AMC2V and I can give you three reasons why you should as well: Stability, utility, brand power

  6. vidIQ says:

    What I’ve found with VR is that people need to find their ‘thing’ and find it fast or the headset ends up on a shelf collecting dust. It sounds ridicolous to say this but the setup of putting the headset on, finding the controllers, probably booting up the device (which in reality takes 30 seconds) is eons compared to unlocking your always on phone. It’s a physical barrier to entry measured in seconds that people don’t want to waste.

    Beat Saber is that aha moment for a lot of new VR users but that’ll get the average user to commit to maybe a month’s worth of use, but then something incredible (or something necessary for work) needs to come next. E.g. if a native Google Earth app for Quest 2 came, that would be the non-gaming aha moment for the mass user base.

    For me, IB Cricket, it’s the one app/game that brings me back to VR on a daily basis and has done for over a year. Everyone else I know who got a VR headset no longer uses it. The software it still mostly at an impressive tech demo phase.

    • 635574 says:

      It needs to be the infinite monitor, that is the use case, a better faster end cheaper infinite screen for productivity. If seated tethers wont matter.

    • NerbGaming says:

      I play VR as much as i can ever since i bought the quest 2 on May 2021. I comitted to VR because i hang out with friends there and relax in my room while in another world. Sometimes drink and go to virtual bars. When i get drunk im safe since im at home. I go outside and socialize normally with people, But outside is pretty expensive and i want the comfort of my home.

    • MFF Universe says:

      Y’all saying that now but in 10 years VR will dominate the market and so forth

    • tony yimbo says:

      What kept me in vr is sim racing and flight simulation . That’s it , beyond that most other experiences wear off in an hour or two .

    • Dave Gillett says:

      Flight sims in VR is amazing. The headset and GPU prices need to come down but it’s still a lot of fun for a retired old guy. But maybe I’m not the demographic that FB/Meta even cares about.

  7. Veysel Bilenkişi says:

    Wow I’m so surprised you mentioned AMC2V . I have been keeping eye on it for a while and it seems very promising.

  8. CHEFPK says:

    I’ve been using VR for about 3 years now (with an Index) and I think there really is a huge market for productivity headsets versus per gaming.

    Imagine a comfortable enough head set to work 3-4 hours in a virtual environment, multiple monitors and just a laptop. That’s what I want to see.

    • Alissya says:

      I don’t understand how this is more productive than just having multiple monitors attached to a laptop. Which I’ve done, starting years ago. Is the issue crappy/distracting work environments?

  9. Derek Bell-Morris says:

    I like your continued ability to rise above the detail and sizzle, and keep your big picture perspective. Love your work. Bravo

  10. Simon Clark says:

    The metaverse will go down in history as one of the biggest moneypits of all time

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