WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic

WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a pandemic

World Health Organization officially designates COVID-19 a pandemic as number of cases outside China has increased 13-fold in two weeks. #FoxNews

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87 Responses

  1. ham plus6 says:

    WHO is corrupt. They should have declared it a pandemic last months.

    • Lloyd Darnell says:

      @melo dhama Trump never said the virus was a hoax. He said that the Democrat’s making it political is a hoax.
      Get educated or shut up!

    • Ryan Ziolkowski says:

      @Lloyd Darnell i provided the statistics
      They speak for themselves and cannot be refuted

    • cdog says:

      @Arthur Firth because the flu infects tens of millions of people and has a 0.1% fatality rate and coronavirus has 3-4% fatality rate

    • Lloyd Darnell says:

      @Ryan Ziolkowski what stats?!? What are you talking about. I was agreeing with you.

    • AA ron says:

      The word Pandemic isn’t meant to be used lightly or carelessly. It should only be used when the virus has reached a certain amount of numbers. The reason Covid-19 has been declared a Pandemic this late is because the numbers of infection had only started increasing globally this past week.

  2. W204 C63 says:

    Lucky I’m an introvert and can stay home like a hermit happily.

  3. alpha says:

    Gee. Imagine our surprise. Who would’ve known.

    • Taz nmc says:

      @Sides Divide it was all mixed signals from the begining,

    • Tenaja Young says:

      lol, shut up

    • Th3Hav0c says:

      Sides Divide Trump was lying. He also lied about the testing as well, promised 1 million tests to be performed last week. Guess how many have been done by today? Only 9,000 with 37 deaths and 1200 cases in the US right now. This is serious guys, especially in Washington which has 270 cases I believe. Stay safe out there

    • Tenaja Young says:

      @Th3Hav0c you too!!! I didn’t take it serious but now I’m worries about the upcoming months…they said they should have it contained within 8 weeks but…

    • Taz nmc says:

      @Th3Hav0c well I’m sure trump is lying because
      1 he can keep his test a secret, along with his doctor.
      2 he stated u need to be showing symptoms to get a test so if he did get one , it wasn’t by choose.
      3 he came in contact with people who have it …so they probably advised him to just take one and don’t tell anyone.

  4. Landon Roy says:

    This corrupt organization is only about a month late declaring this

    • Jason Mathison says:

      @Walking Heart Attack yeah, that’s what I thought…..

    • Jason Mathison says:

      @Bacon For Muhammad What we all thought you traitor. Shut the f**** up

    • Faux News Ministry of Truth says:

      @Walking Heart Attack “”Congratulations and thank you to our great Vice President & all of the many professionals doing such a fine job at CDC & all other agencies on the Coronavirus situation. Only a very small number in U.S., & China numbers look to be going down. All countries working well together!” – Feb 27”

      How’s that for a soundbite?

    • Walking Heart Attack says:

      @Faux News Ministry of Truth Okay, your point? Our numbers are still small on a state by state scale. China’s infection rate has dramatically decreased as well as South Korea’s. So I fail to see your jab.

    • Faux News Ministry of Truth says:

      ​@Walking Heart Attack Then you aren’t looking at the data correctly……

      Total cases per day:
      Mar 1: 75
      Mar 2: 100
      Mar 3: 124
      Mar 4: 158
      Mar 5: 221
      Mar 6: 319
      Mar 7: 435
      Mar 8: 541
      Mar 9: 704
      Mar 10: 994
      Mar 11: 1275

      Mortality rate: 3%, which suggests there are a lot more active cases out there that we don’t know about yet.

      We don’t have ample testing kits, and we have a sitting President giving conflicting information–many to a devoted following who trust him over the media.
      But yeah, you go on and fail to “see your jab.”

  5. Crimadella Phone says:

    *BREAKING NEWS:* The pandemic just got labeled a pandemic!

    • Time to get huge! says:

      @The Big Pro Masher Jamaster Flashcube – have fun getting your DNA changed when you get your “vaccine” injected….For a fake “virus”…At least Gates will make some $ off of you….

    • The Big Pro Masher Jamaster Flashcube says:


    • Shanna Robertson says:

      Wow I’m shocked😂

  6. Allen Atkins says:

    When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout.

  7. sporq foon says:

    Seems like they are the last to know.

  8. Justifiable Lucario says:

    So NOW they declare it a pandemic, the WHO is now completely discredited, time to disband it

    • Ty YT says:

      Ahmed Toma stop with that science talk… we dont like that round these parts!

    • Dana William says:

      I thought trump said it was a democratic hoax and that it was President Obama’s fault?

    • Janet says:

      @Ahmed Toma The old definition was “sustained transmission in at least 3 countries.” They changed the definition to … IDK what they thought would happen.
      The WHO was a good idea, it was just done poorly. Next time lets place restrictions on what kind of degree makes you eligible to be in charge of healthcare workers around the world

    • Jason Mathison says:

      Right, let’s disband the WHO WHILE the pandemic is going on…………stupid f***. Your trailer is that way.. ->

    • a random dude says:

      @Ahmed Toma a few countries? BOI MORE THAN 118 COUNTRIES ARE INFECTED.

  9. TentaclePentacle says:

    WHO is useless and corrupt, they should have declared it a pandemic months ago.

    • Real Life says:

      TentaclePentacle lmao economy is booming because of Obama. when Obama took office we were in a recession caused by republicans. Obama made unemployment go down every year from a little over 10% when he took office, down to 4% when he left. a dog could’ve gotten the economy where it is today. trump inherited a wave from Obama

    • Shelia S says:

      @Real Life Please, don’t tell him that as he thinks he the genius behind the economy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he says the economy was already bad because of Obama and this is the reason its tanking.

    • chadkincham says:

      Lots of ignorance about what a pandemic is. Pandemic means a widespread outbreak, it doesn’t define how severe it is per Johns Hopkins:

      Disease experts use the term “pandemic” to describe when an epidemic has become rampant in multiple countries and continents simultaneously. (The term comes from the Greek word “pan,” meaning “all,” and “demos,” meaning “people.”)
      While the word may evoke fear, it describes how widespread an outbreak may be, not its deadliness.
      “I think one of the things people misunderstand when it comes to pandemics is it’s not about how severe it is or how many cases there are or even how worried we need to be. It’s about literal geography,” said Caitlin Rivers, epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

    • chadkincham says:

      I’m Aimée Miami that’s fake news straight from the political hacks Schumer and Pelosi and their lap dog media. Trump has been on top of the situation from the get go.

    • chadkincham says:

      I’m Aimée Miami – Trump got rid of Obama’s added layer of bureaucracy, and didn’t cut the CDC budget, that’s a lie. Their funding has increased – but he cut their budget increase by 8%.

  10. NPC 33331 says:

    Most of us already knew this

    • Sir. Lancelot says:

      Except that Incompetent president. It’s a Hoax, it’s a Hoax, it’s a Hoax.🥴🙃

    • Nameless says:

      @Sir. Lancelot Not that hoax.. the other hoax

      He just said it was a hoax again in his speech to clear things up..

    • Sir. Lancelot says:

      @Nameless To clear things up, yeah right!🤣It’s to late, the genie is out of the bottle.

    • Nameless says:

      @Sir. Lancelot He couldn’t even get up the cleaning things up message right, he just made things more confusing lol

  11. Mariana Ayala says:

    WHO is just declaring something everyone already knew.

    • Toaster Strudel says:

      @A G mY he knows. Presidents aren’t stupid…they get told what to do basically and read from their scripts

    • Malicious Affection says:

      In there defence, most people thought it was an EPIdemic

    • Vincent D’Amato says:

      refined cigarette really what’s about China arresting the doctor trying to get the word out … China definitely dropped the ball on this one

  12. Joseph Mason says:

    The title said “who declares Coronavirus Pandemic?” But doesnt give an answer. 🤔

  13. Pedo Bear says:

    In other Breaking News, WHO declares that coronavirus is indeed a virus.

  14. Bonnie Dunbar says:

    A Pandemic !!! When did this happen??? Oh yes, months ago.

  15. Andrew Hardy says:

    After demonstrating world class incompetence, they deem themselves fit to redefine what “pandemic” means.

    • Brian says:

      @chadkincham spot on, boss.

    • nighttr says:

      @chadkincham quick Quiz.

      When did you become a Trump Terd

    • Farmer John says:

      @chadkincham 👍… You said it! Or… you can listen to other people for common sense “Stuff”… insert expletive if you choose. Whole house humidifiers work. Since we got ours 3 years ago, no colds, flus, or even a sore throat. Panic is for the ignorant.

    • Jim Brew says:

      @Brian Honestly now… is Donald Trump smarter than a third grader?

  16. Hildebeast Clinton says:

    That’s eight pandemics in severn years:

    2003 – SARS-cov (coronavirus strain)
    2006-H5N1 Avian (bird flu)
    2009-H1N1 Swine flu
    2012 – MERS-cov (coronavirus strain)
    2016-Zika virus
    2020-nCoV 2019 novel coronavirus not seen in humans

  17. Dårk Dreåmer says:

    Great news! If I die, I won’t have to pay my student loans anymore.

  18. KiceLee says:

    When you realise being an introvert and antisocial is actually good for once…

  19. CaptRicoSakaraPrower says:

    1995: Dustin Hoffman’s “Outbreak.”
    2020: It’s real.

  20. Tomos says:

    my country: infected
    my city: highly infected
    my school: half sick
    panic: yes
    hotel: trivago

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