Who Dies In STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS #StarWarsJacketSpeculation

Who Dies In STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS #StarWarsJacketSpeculation

Somebody is probably going to die in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Potential spoilers I guess? #StarWarsJacketSpeculation

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20 Responses

  1. Tomas Z J. says:

    black dude dies

  2. sampson ireman says:

    it’s chewie. that’s his pouch.

  3. Griffin Hurst says:

    It isn’t furr… It’s just a shrub/tree covered in snow in the background!
    Finn is the one on the ground, maybe dead, maybe injured. Star Wars
    injuries are not uncommon. I believe this scene is followed up by Kylo Ren
    and Finn’s duel.

  4. Kerios Ballack says:

    boba fett = mr magoo the best analogy in the whole internet!!!

  5. Sake Bobombs says:

    Confirmed, it’s Wedge who dies.

  6. rpandya97 says:

    I honestly hope it’s not a classic character getting killed off like Han or
    Chewy. I may cry and not watch another Star Wars movie if that happens. I
    think it is Chewy with Han’s jacket over him. Personally I hope it turns
    out to be some new character that we see a relation with Rey and then he

  7. Mr. Asshole says:

    My theory that it could be Luke Skywalker is the one who is going to die in
    this film. There’s a rumor he’ll be playing a Obi-Wan type of role. You
    know, training and guiding the new blood. Maybe he’ll be killed by Kylo Ren
    who could be his former Padiwan who gone bad. It’s like Darth Vader killed
    Obi-Wan, former student killed his former mentor.

  8. Vincent Chauvin says:

    I’m going with it Han for multiple reasons…
    1- Harrison Ford wanted to be killed off in the original trilogy.
    2- If you look starting to the right you see hair, the looks to be white
    persons skin (assuming a face), and the the jacket.
    3- Finn and Poe have been confirmed for the next film.

  9. firetopman says:

    What if there’s someone she’s close with, an Uncle Owen type if you will,
    who dies and she takes his jacket to remember him by, then she ends up
    giving it to one of the other guys later?

  10. David Russ says:

    if you look at the picture that looks like chewie is holding the dead body.
    that is han being carried by chewie.

  11. Louisville UAV says:

    LEIA, she has a jacket as well

  12. Mogo Mogo1 says:

    spoiler alert luke dies

  13. tommy towse says:

    that’s chewy ;-; but I hope wrong

  14. Crotchalforce5 says:

    I think it’s Princess Leia. Looks like female eye lash side profile.

  15. Graham Thacker says:

    I would put money on it being Han Solo.

  16. Jeremy Rowling says:

    Look to the far left of the jacket, long hairs? Chewie?

  17. Arnold Mendez says:

    What about Princess Leia?? She could have Han’s jacket on as a symbol of
    their relationship?!?

  18. Piotr Zieliński says:

    Sierdalajcie z takimi spoilerami

  19. Jason Dodd says:

    In other words: wait for the movie to come out

  20. chadrsmalley says:

    I don’t think it’s Han or Chewy. I actually think it’s Leia, who had likely
    come along to try to talk some sense into her son, who winds up killing
    her. Then her death winds up bringing Luke out of hiding, as he likely
    feels her death through the Force. Remember in RotJ, Vader teased Luke out
    of hiding by threatening his sister. I wouldn’t be surprised if Abrams goes
    for a much heavier version of the same motivation in his story.