WHO Doctor: We Have To Make It Hard For Virus To Spread | Morning Joe | MSNBC

WHO Doctor: We Have To Make It Hard For Virus To Spread | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dr. Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization discusses how the U.S. could become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and the best way to combat the spread. Aired on 3/25/2020.
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WHO Doctor: We Have To Make It Hard For Virus To Spread | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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90 Responses

  1. CatPower says:

    Never believe anything out of the White House.
    I don’t think I would be caught alive with a red hat on these days!!

  2. The Blue Arrow says:

    America has gone from the greatest country on Earth,
    to the most infected country on Earth.
    At least we are still number one at something.
    Thanks, Trump.

    • shkspr78 s says:

      @jumpoutfroggy we might not have this problem if Pelosi hadn’t insisted on her witch hunt impeachment.

    • shkspr78 s says:

      @Empowered Byknowleged actually it was directly related to vaping. The vaping materials were analyzed and traced back to 1 source.
      Your rumor mongering is pathetic.

    • shkspr78 s says:

      @tj booth apparently not. 😇 I was thinking more along the lines of escape from New York.

    • faithahora says:

      @kennyw we were the greatest country back in the 50s when Christianity Jesus Christ of Nazareth was very predominant in our culture before all the godlessness and sin and killing babies and the drug culture invaded our country funded by the Deep state who President Trump is out to destroy and will definitely succeed. you guys just need to wake up

    • faithahora says:

      @MAM your Collegiate are the ones who promote and endorse sexual perversion the likes of which we never knew as a country and killing of babies even after they’re born.

      you need to repent and receive Jesus as your savior because such depravity and rampant sin in this country that was set aside by God for the preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer going to be tolerated.

      God Almighty the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is using President Trump to bring the USA back to its greatness back to its Heritage as a Christian Nation.

  3. Death To Ming! says:

    We have to make it hard for the virus to spread. Take the mic away from traitor Trump for one. Vote all of these Republicons out in November. Sons a 🐕’s

  4. Sabir Jarrar says:

    Fauci and now this dr too afraid to simply say Trump is out of his mind to think lifting any precaution by Easter is ok.

  5. Parker Hamilton says:

    We now have an A-Hole in the White House that cares more for money than peoples lives.

    • michelec492 says:

      Lol we’d all be dead by now via bomb or viruses if a democratic president was in house 🖕💯

    • Wayne Harris says:

      Trump has s hole in his BRAIN CHECK him First

    • faithahora says:

      @Jessie K how can you believe such a thing logically ?I mean President Trump is getting trashed on every single day lied about every single day and he has great wealth. he does not need this job for any reason . he did it to help the middle class and the poor people of the United States of America our totally corrupt governmentt in DC and state governments all around the country which are owned and controlled by the wealthy 1% made it their aim to have the rich get richer and the middle class get wiped out and the poor get poorer.

      President Trump is out to destroy them expose them and Destroy them. A lot of very famous people are going to be exposed for the sickos that they are and it goes for Hollywood, all the major sports celebrities heads of big corporations and lots of congressmen and women and senators and judges

    • faithahora says:

      @tj booth what an outright lie I mean the president stopped us from being in a war with North Korea which everybody said at the beginning of his presidency that he would get us into and he turned Kim Jung to somebody who just loves President Trump and also president XI of China is battling against a corrupt government and trying to get on board with President Trump to give freedom to the people of China.

      You people that watch MSNBC and all the Democrats stations they are lying to you . there is plenty of documented evidence videos of these sickos that have taken over our government since the time they had President Ken*nedy as*s*a*ssinat*ed.

      Almost every famous person that you know of by name had to go through the sicko corrupt wealthy 1% of the world to be able to be well known to the masses. they are puppets. for example Tom Ha*nks, Opr*ah, O*ba*ma, ex President Bu*sh, Ellen, Cha*ney B*ill Gat*es.

      President Trump is working to take down the wealthy Elites who has been taking control over the United States of America gradually for a long time

    • tj booth says:

      @faithahora oh and as for elite, didn’t the President claim that he has a better education, more money, and a better apartment than those people that call themselves elite? In fact he said “””We’re the elite. You’re smarter. You’re sharper. You’re more loyal,””” BTW This man who said he would never hire someone to work for him that hadn’t made a lot of money is not lookimg out for you. He is a classist yet classless elitist bully.

      And the reason I first learned Trumps name was because his mistress was from my state and he took her to the same ski resort as his wife and the two women got into a cat fight. That is how the folks in GA first learned about the paragon of virtue that is Donald Trump. Marla and Ivana scratching it out on the slopes. Thanks 1% for putting that all over the local news.

  6. Sali Ver says:

    My suggestion is replacing everyone in corona virus task force with actual doctors and scientists (save Dr. Fauci). Let people with expertise handle the helm to save the sinking ship.

    • obsidianstatue says:

      the fact that they have 10 people up there during every press conference means it’s just for show, Trump wants to use that platform to project a tough guy in charge image.

    • Christy Ann says:

      @obsidianstatue …. And then he just blathers on for over an hour about his visions of a BEAUTIFUL Easter morning with churches across the land FILLED with people!

    • patricia powell says:

      total insanity everywhere it seems…let the doctors and scientists decide when we go back to normal…not a president with so many mental illnesses what are we thinking???

  7. Ganiscol says:

    But #OrangeMoron wants this to be over by Easter – get with the program, silly pandemic!

  8. Patricia Huber says:

    The USA would then endanger the World

    • mrJwlock says:

      Patricia Huber trump does b

    • amjad ali says:

      Linda Rasmussen typical western blame-gaming attitude… you westerners think you are always right… thats the problem!! shut your mouth for once and stay home

    • Wendy's Garden says:

      @amjad ali I’m in the US and don’t blame. I know that while the markets are dangerous, it could be an American brought the disease to the market. Then we’d get sued? And beaten up by ignoramuses? That’s as silly as blaming the Chinese who shared information, are sending doctors all over the world to help. I understand zoonotic viruses will happen, that they do not hold passports from any one country. Not every American in an imbecile and hateful like that. Please stay safe, amjad ali.

    • PragueImport says:

      It has started the minute Trump became the president.

    • Moe says:

      They’ve been endangering the world for three years. See how many countries want to do business with the most infected country on earth.

  9. Randi Keene says:

    Just so ppl know even if you have contact with a covid 19 positive person dont think your getting a test.. this country doesnt care.. but kris Jenner got a test bc she thought she was in contacts with a corona patient.. america get it together and do better. My mom is 65.. her co worker tested positive for covid, and bc she hasnt started a fever but is sick in every other way she cant get a test… she has to return to work.. the only ppl to thank for this are the ppl that truly dont care and the ppl who dont want testing actually done!!! Do better!!!!😡😡

  10. Anthony Tarascio says:

    GO HOME STAY HOME NOW! Money doesn’t matter WHEN YOU’RE DEAD.

    • Dave Robson says:

      @Ancient Time
      That’s fine. Thanks for trying, even though I totally misunderstood.

    • G.m. Strong says:

      @lima leaf frog
      Each parent must make decisions according to their situation. Some kids will want to go out into the population but you will have to teach them well about the today’s world. One of my sons sufferers from Apraxia of Speech where his motor skills suffer because of lack of oxygen to the brain. He takes a steroid to open his lungs through a ventilator. Now I wouldn’t have him go out with me because having him with me is like feeding my son to the wolves. Again each situation is different but you must adjust accordingly to your situation.

      Now it would be interesting if people would be immune after having a tiny trace of Covid19 in their system then they recover from the symptoms. You know what’s coming. You may overcome the disease but you are still a carrier. Others might not be so lucky to bounce back. Communication is another way we can fight this weapon. I’m glad I got to talk to all of you in this thread. Take care ya’ll.

    • lima leaf frog says:

      @G.m. Strong …Bless & keep you & your family safe. I can’t imagine the stress this puts you under.

    • G.m. Strong says:

      @lima leaf frog
      Thanks but me and you are in the same boat. What we must do is adapt. This is another form of Coronaviruses that it’s strain is much, much deadlier. Sad to say that we are much luckier than the ones who are suffering or passed away due to the deadly virus. For those who didn’t recover R.I.P. As for you, me and others move forward and stay vigilant.

    • bob dillon says:

      It does the wealthy don’t mind if you die while making them more.

  11. Sallie Gallegos says:

    We’ve done the opposite of what China did.

  12. Alan Reitman says:

    As long as we have the Sharpie we can flatten that curve! Go DT go! (really, just go…no one cares where, just go…please…go)

  13. jed Tomczat says:

    As an American we really are a selfish me me me culture there are good people here but far to many are just complete morons

    • trueaudience says:

      Jerzi Rhayzza

      I know, such collective humanity is hard to find anymore in the western hemisphere, almost distinct by over glorifying ‘personal liberty’ into extreme selfishness.

    • Master Vader says:

      Its the good old “That would never happen here” Syndrome…guess what, it’s here, it’s REAL and it’s Killing us!

    • Pat Flynn says:

      Maybe you guys are being unfair on yourselves. China was only fighting this virus in one state whereas in America you have a multiple number of Wuhan’s to deal with so different tactics are needed for your country to come out the other end.

    • coco conlin says:

      I guess you’re excepting nurses, doctors, EMS workers, and all those who sign up for the armed services.

    • Ronald Cox says:

      @trueaudience Not really. Christianity could be considered a type of collective humanity. In the US alone, there are roughly 220 million Christians.

  14. Wa Fe says:

    The next couple weeks are going to be crazy haven’t even started to test right yet

  15. MVVpro says:

    Trump saw George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” and thought: Great idea, I would have done it earlier.

  16. Bee Majic says:

    Average Asian: Let’s stay in so we can protect grandma.

    American politician: Old people sacrifice yourselves so companies can still make money.

    • Merrily Munson says:

      That’s the sad reality in this country…

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      @Dave Robson But they did lockdown Wuhan for 2 months. That’s what slowed the virus down.

    • Angela Siegfried says:

      @Dave Robson Nobody has ever said the entire country needs to be locked down. It has always been that essential services should and will keep running so not sure what you’re going on about?

    • Dave Robson says:

      @Angela Siegfried
      “Nobody has ever said the entire country needs to be locked down.”
      I’ve actually seen several people online suggest that very thing is ” what we need to do”.
      Also. Check out the list of businesses excluded from “lock down” in many states. Its pretty extensive.

    • Teresa Gib says:

      Dave Robson I’m sure it worked that way in China too. you can’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Or starve to death just so you dont get this virus.

  17. david fraser says:

    As an outsider seeing only 17 out of 50 states on lockdown is just nuts.

    • SuperJaypatterson says:

      It’s totally insane. The evidence of the countries already battling covid19 is there for all to see. Not to act, is negligence, willful negligence.

    • Sunghee Lee says:

      Wendy’s Garden I feel the same

    • N, Rob says:

      in our state lockdowns are slowly spreading county by county pending case load, which of course is pending available testing.

    • faithahora says:

      @N, Rob and testing the original testing kits are known to have a 50% to 80%. Positive result

    • Truth of 73 says:

      Not to be picky, but actually we aren’t in lock down in NJ. Can go get food at the store, can go buy bagels, Starbucks, fast food, Applebee’s for pick up. Can go to Home Depot or Lowe’s. Etc..

  18. Danielsan B says:

    Trump: “Things can start getting back to normal around Easter.”
    Dr. Fauci: “LOL!”

  19. Radwar99 says:

    “We have to make it hard for the virus to spread.” – World Health Organization

    “I would like to open up the borders and have churches packed by Easter” – Donald Trump

    • faithahora says:

      Do you know personally anyone who has the virus that originated in communist China you know the one with the main symptom is not being able to breathe? I don’t.

    • Nunya Bizz says:

      Darwin’s theories of evolution, BING BING BONG BONG.

    • American Pie says:

      Haha. You are lying liberal Democrat. WHEN HAVE YOU EVER HEAR TRUMP CHEER ON OPENING BORDERS LOL.

    • American Pie says:

      My father inlaw died in florida last week. Now you know someone who knows someone. I pray you never have a family member affected. Two weeks of bilateral pneumonia is not an easy death..

    • Nunya Bizz says:

      @faithahora have you seen the images our of Italy’s hospitals? The have top notch hospitals that cannot sustain the numbers. Buckle up cup cake, it’s gonna be bad.

  20. Doug Thomson says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but right now I trust a China more than I trust the US.

    • Gen Li says:

      It is ok, I know we have some different on ideology but we will never ask you to be like us, but please take the advise from the WHO, no matter what you believe we are all human. May your GOD bless you!

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