Who I’m Voting for President re: Casey Neistat

Who I’m Voting for President re: Casey Neistat

In response to Casey Neistat’s recent video

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20 Responses

  1. wayneco says:

    I am abso-fucking-lutely voting for Donald Trump. I could give fuck-all
    what some life blogger says when it’s the traitor criminal Clintons. It
    just goes to show again that celebrities, especially the D list youtube
    celebs, should just shut the fuck up about politics.

    I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if her campaign had pistols held my
    wife and kids heads,

  2. Jay “JJ” Bird says:

    Crooked Hillary wants to RAPE AMERICA.

  3. Albert Einstein says:

    wait man
    hold the fuckin fuck up ethan
    thats where the difference is between hillary and trump.
    hillary attacks the people with her speeches, trump attacks hillary.
    thats something important. hillary is talking down to us. trump is talking
    down to her. hillary’s tactic is the same as casey’s. tricking people into
    believing not just trump, but they themselves are despicable trash. “if you
    vote for him, you are a bad person”.

    she is playing with people. and she knows what she is doing. casey doesnt.
    but for her its a propaganda tactic, these people are schooled in this
    kinda shit. dont vote this cunt.

  4. He will return says:

    Yeah but you failed to point out that Hillary was referring to the voters
    of Trump whereas I’ve never heard Trump go after American voters and label
    them as racist homophobes etc.

  5. ssnapcase says:

    Sub and Hitlary wins
    Like and Trump wins

  6. Get Meated says:

    This was a pointless video. H3h3 just tryna jump on the bandwagon for views
    and money.

  7. yaz and a camera says:

    Make America Hugh Mungus Again

  8. Katzen4u says:

    I’m not American.

  9. JJ says:

    Hillary Clinton, the one that has killed nearly 50 people throughout her
    political career?

  10. Pozdrav Kuja says:

    Donald trump – RAAACIIIISSSTT!!!!!
    Hillary clinton – Murderer, liar, traitor, bully, blackmail, racist, track
    record of failure in a government, also not doing her job, rigging votes,
    what else have i missed? Im sure there is alot more, just a few more
    thousand emails to read haha

  11. Antonio Gutierrez says:

    we’re doomed but if Hugh mungus wins we could usher in a new era

  12. matt606 says:

    Here’s some real issues.

    The DNC slandered Bernie Sanders so he wouldn’t get the nomination. Hillary
    hired the head on the DNC; the one whom led the slander, Debbie Wasserman
    Schultz. The nomination process was rigged.

    Every single major news outlet is against Trump. Every one. ABC, NBC, CBS,
    CNN, NYTimes, Time Magazine.

    That is the level of corruption around this woman. That is why I’m voting
    for Trump. That’s why millions support Trump.

  13. Louis Dickinson says:

    Legend! Voting for Jill! Fuck Hillary and Trump! Neither will bring about
    progressive change!

  14. PASTRAMIKick says:

    If Trump wins the only thing that will happen is that he’ll keep saying the
    same dumb shit as ever but now being president.

  15. NOSTIX VASQUEZ says:

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  16. Stealthy99 says:

    What a circlejerk this joke of an election is. For us Brits it’s like
    watching two children having a dissing contest.

  17. Johnny Rekall says:

    VOTE: For my Penis please.

  18. Dresdenstl says:

    I’ll vote for her to be in prison.

  19. This name is fucking stupid says:

    God damn, he’s the ugliest cunt I’ve seen in a long time.

  20. Mack M says:

    Casey Neistat is a nasty ass looking prick. a typical liberal .. “do what I
    say becasue I know better” STFU Casey!! Etham has more brains then you.. he
    is a realist.