who i’m voting for president

who i’m voting for president

read this great piece by Thomas Friedman – http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/28/opinion/trump-how-could-we.html

he articulates the state of this election better than i ever could. i paraphrase him in this video because he so perfectly captures my sentiments.

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20 Responses

  1. Natan Sągol says:

    Just report as hateful.

  2. Clown Nightmare says:

    Hey, no one cares what you think. Go back to making your skateboard videos
    you middle aged boy.

  3. VlogZombie says:

    I’m voting for Hillary just because these Trump spammers are just
    unbearable. Thanks for making up my mind!

  4. Smokey Treats says:

    I’m voting for Hitler because the other Hitler is not as good. Yeah…youre
    a fucking idiot Casey.

  5. Hookah John says:

    im from uk but i would vote for trump. he looks like a president. fuck

  6. Jim Celli says:

    This uneducated cunt deleted my previous comment. Homo without internet
    you’re nothing with no money nor income.

  7. Nimbleful says:

    why is it that some people who disagree with Casey are so mean about it?
    we’re allowed to have different opinions and still live in harmony.. we can
    respect one another even if we disagree… Throwing around insults won’t
    help anything or anyone – it just breeds bad feelings and passes those on.
    Pass on acceptance, respect, kindness and good vibes, and the world would
    be a better place for everyone. Peace.

  8. Jcvks says:

    If y’all watch Mark Levin, he’ll change your mind on voting for Cliton

  9. It's Turtle says:

    I vote for people because of there morals so i’m voting for hillary clinton
    ok bud….
    fucking dumbass

  10. TacTiC Albo says:

    They’re both terrified candidates. Both have done terrible things. You act
    like trump is Satan himself but yet Hilary has done evil things if not
    more. By the way people aren’t entitled to giving their opinions! Stop
    trying to lobby for Hilary when nobody cares. We come on YouTube for
    entertainment and for this channel specifically. I’m not saying you
    shouldn’t voice your opinion. Just do it on a better subject not a touchy
    topic like politics. You’re a really cool guy Casey just keep doing what
    you’re doing it’s great.

  11. Calvin Mills says:

    Shame on you , Hillary is a mass genocide killer, Shame on your for
    supporting serial murderer Casey. Trump may have his issues, but Trump
    never killed anyone. Like is you agree

  12. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Is anyone else’s comments being deleted?

  13. That one guy who just commented on this video says:

    T R U M P 2 0 1 6

  14. DMGtheGolem says:

    she’s “sane”? what the fuck kinda Hillary Clinton are you seeing on the

  15. Dane Bright says:

    Hahaha so many triggered Trump supporters!

  16. 3G Bloke says:

    Dayum, so republicans are just as easy to trigger as left wing feminists.

    so fucking easy.

  17. Ben Dover says:

    HAha trumps gunna loes

  18. BrendanTheBus says:

    people are dumb. how can you say all the likes are hillary voters? I
    guarantee more than half the people that liked are under 18 and it dosent
    matter maybe they liked just to support their favourite content creator.
    just saying

  19. DINDUWARRIOR4LIFE!!!!! says:


  20. pandaK9 says:

    Don’t go into the comments. It’s all the same. Lost respect, unsubscribing,
    paid by Hilary, high school drop out etc. There’s no point in wasting your
    time reading the verbal diarrhea that ensues. It just makes me believe that
    in some parts of the USA, people have started mating with vegetables.