WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? My “Girlfriend” or My Sister! (w/MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? My “Girlfriend” or My Sister! (w/MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

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Eva’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mylifeaseva
Lexi’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lexiloulouu

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45 Responses

  1. Danae Dylana Muir-Sak says:

    The last digit of this like is who u are!
    4.Sofi Dossi
    7.Brents Mum
    8.Brents Dad
    9.Your Bff

  2. Andi D says:

    Here is a theory:

    How does Eva know the way that Brent sleeps

    Does this mean something ?

  3. MrBrent98 says:

    like this video if you got ANY of these questions right??

  4. Megha Duggineni says:

    This should just be called “Eva Exposing Herself For 7 Mins Straight”.

  5. Animal_Lover15 15 says:

    You guys have talked about having children?!?! ?????
    I also loved how triggered Ava got when Lezi said you kissed a girl named Becca ?????

  6. CC says:

    Omggg plz Eva let Brent look thru your phone for a video

  7. alyssa medrano says:

    *last question*
    “who was the last girl i kissed”
    lexi- “becca”
    eva- “WhO iS bEcCa” … i think eva might have the jealousy issue … ?

  8. Eliana gil says:

    Ok dont hate but I can’t with lexi’s laugh love you tho❤

  9. Sofia Hernandez says:

    Y’all just need to get together already

  10. SHINXBRIGHTLY :P says:

    I honestly put my toilet paper over ?

  11. Olivia Hickey says:

    “look there’s a humming bird “??

  12. shama siraj says:

    5:27 eva: who the f*** is becca?!

  13. Unicorn Vlogs says:

    Eva- I have to know my future Mother in laws name.
    Brent- *blushes*

  14. Suman Hartala says:

    Use the like as a “brent and Eva are soooo confusing ?” button

  15. Areeb Ebrahim says:

    “I think the questions were rigged”
    *gets the question abut her OWN mother’s middle name wrong* LOL
    also, over

  16. Emily Skira says:

    toilet paper over squad where you at?

  17. j r says:

    This is the another video in which *breva* is *exposing* their *relationship* .?

  18. Nate Mariner says:

    Everytime Eva and Brent are together, Eva looks like she’s right at home ?

  19. [[ NFY - AA]] says:

    ‘I have to know my future mother in law’s name’


  20. My girl stuff says:

    Ava : I have to know my FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW’S name
    Me : she has plans

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