Who Makes The BEST Fast Food CHEESE BURGER?

Who Makes The BEST Fast Food CHEESE BURGER?

Who makes the best burger?! we went to different fast food places like In n out, five guys, mc donalds, shake shack, wendys and more!

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54 Responses

  1. Raul Lugo jr. says:

    if you’re from Texas, Whataburger is undoubtedly the best

  2. Noah R says:

    You’ve accidentally unsubscribed from Jesser

    *Like to undo*

  3. Danny Hillmeyer says:

    Todd and James calling Big Mac sauce mayo pisses me off sooooo much

  4. Grabdz Productions says:

    Bruh you shouldn’t of switched your orders. To truly determine what burgers are the best, you should’ve ordered the same thing

  5. James and MnM says:

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments

    Have a great day ??

  6. Charlie Scott says:

    Only OG’s remember when Jesse did this for French fries

  7. christo christooo says:

    You know the drill
    8-The Legend himself, Kenny the camera man
    9-T. Jass

    Reply who you got
    Because i got Jesser…

  8. LiamDaChamp1620 Games says:

    No matter which Wendys I go to, everyone has something sketchy about it.

  9. Work Less Play Harder says:

    “I got sog on my finger” -Mitchell 2019

  10. Robert Noonan says:

    This brings it back to 2017 jesserthelazar

  11. Cantusaurus123 says:

    I think that was a bad Carl’s jr? the one by my house is amazing?

  12. Dhruv Rao says:

    at least todd got a lot of square meals because of this, usually he wouldn’t

  13. Jackson2Uglyy says:

    Bruh why they cappin on Wendy’s lmao and my fav burger is burger street and whataburger but I live in Texas so I don’t really eat shake shack

  14. Comments only says:

    How do you give In&Out a 2/5 on presentation?? Mopi must actually be an alien.

  15. Mango Mango says:

    Bro Carl’s Jr. really about to copyright claim this to get it off YouTube ?

  16. Kyle Mckibbin says:

    Do chicken nuggets so my bro mopi can find something better than microwaved type???‍♂️

  17. Cash Carter says:

    That was a banger. Keep doing videos like this

  18. snowbeast88 chrisss says:

    No wonder why Mopi so small. My mans doesn’t know how to eat!!

  19. Aryan Patel says:

    They clearly haven’t tried ZINBURGER
    Like if u know what I’m talking about

  20. Official YTN renegade says:

    “I’ll take a squidward bite” ~ Jiedel 2019

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