Who Owns Antarctica? (Bizarre Borders Part 3)

Who Owns Antarctica? (Bizarre Borders Part 3)

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20 Responses

  1. Vanessa DiBattista says:

    Watching this from Casey Station, Antarctica – Australian Antarctic

  2. janie rodgers says:

    The penguin God owns Antarctica

  3. King Falcata says:

    Nazi’s own Antarctica

  4. gregg4 says:

    Why a squarespace add at the end? Since Patreon C.G.P. Grey is not supposed
    to be running ads on youtube anymore.

  5. Annie Gaddis says:

    Can Squarespace provide extensions for FrontPage software?

  6. Sandwich247 says:

    Isn’t there currently drilling going on there? Shell or something?

  7. William Williams says:

    Gwar owns Antarctica

  8. Shaq Power says:

    Who else watching in 2016?

  9. Sarthak Sharma says:

    Remember the time CGP Grey didn’t have ads in their videos, pepperidge farm

  10. Thang Pau says:

    Krampus owns Antarctica (south pole)

  11. thenthapple says:

    Fantastic video once again :)

  12. Tummy Wubs says:

    lets make cp grey a free country

  13. Macbury18 says:

    Global geographical politics terrifies and fascinates me…

  14. Darth Chocolate says:

    Antarctica is now so worried about the cumulative erosion by ten billion
    visiting tourists a year that any net imbalance between the amount you eat
    and the amount you excrete while on the continent is surgically removed
    from you body weight when you leave: so every time you go to the lavatory
    there it is vitally important to get a receipt.

  15. Adonay Teklezghi says:

    Anyone realize how at 1:49 the stick figures all look the same except for
    japans………. haha

  16. Brenton Fraser says:

    He used Luke_lafr Build it Beautiful for squarespace xD

  17. ILYES says:

    No I claimed it years ago, it’s mine, put your flag on top of it another
    time and I’ll take it as a sign of war.

  18. NerfXpro 619 says:

    OMG another video

  19. ricky bobby says:

    no no no. it’s a massive ice wall and there is no way to go to antartica
    because the earth is flat. get your facts straight. lol

  20. Nasih Ibrahim says: