Who Was the Baton Rouge Shooter?

Who Was the Baton Rouge Shooter?

Details emerge about 29-year-old ex-Marine suspected of killing three police officers.

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20 Responses

  1. peralta2912 says:

    what concern’s me also was the statement “they were both military”, watch
    out Vet’s , you have just been targeted by the media.

  2. boola pos says:

    alex is doin this shit

  3. Jessica Lewis says:

    I don’t understand america. You push around a group of people then act
    shocked when they retaliate. This retaliation isn’t shocking at all, just
    like police mistreating minorities isn’t shocking. I mean have you looked
    at our history. Its kind of crazy how now people want to come together. Now
    all races are equal. When a gun is to your head now you want people to not
    let the hatred infect their heart, just lie on the ground and when we’re
    done with you just say thankyou, wipe your chin, and walk away. Fuck I need
    to leave the states.

  4. SeanTheOriginal says:

    This is the second ex-Military person to kill cops. We should ban these
    violent Soldiers from this country until we figure out what they are all so

  5. cobnutts says:

    lone gun man!? Fucking media is a joke

  6. kewpified says:

    People are angry over the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and also
    Philander Castile who was shot while getting his wallet after being pulled
    over in Minneapolis. Killing innocent police officers is abhorrent and only
    propagates fear and hate. “Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light
    can do that. Hate can not drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin
    Luthor King; however, I would also add these words of wisdom from JFK,
    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution
    inevitable.” How can justice for Alton Sterling or Philander Castile be
    brought forth through these heinous events? Peaceful protest, video
    injustice such as occurred in both cases, and the American people, as a
    whole will ask for justice and reform.

  7. Jake Hollywood says:

    Why did they not show the shooters face? It was left blank. It is because
    he was BLACK!!! WAKE UP CALL!!! Another example of media down playing
    violent black males and increasing the thoughts of violence against police
    without implicating black males.

  8. chubby egqroll says:

    easy…….. he is a white guy. it shows it in the picture

  9. chubby egqroll says:


  10. WolfThorn says:

    Know his name but can’t get a picture? he was a BLACK RACIST that also
    supported that BLM GARBAGE.

  11. Liberate Wisconsin First says:

    I hope the over 500 hundred this year and 1243 unstable officers that
    killed innocent people understand they are 100% responsible for these
    deaths of fellow officers. They are as guilty as the shooters.

  12. 7thCause says:

    … BLM terrorists

  13. WolfThorn says:

    BLM is nothing but a racist black movement with a few cucks in there, have
    you heard of read of them being peaceful not causing any sort of problems
    wherever they go? I haven’t with them causing shit like this and
    vandalizing, and bothering people trying to go about their own business.


    Had nothing to do with being a Marine….had EVERYTHING to do with being a

  15. Jason Lovstedt says:

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if ABC tried to pin this on Trump.

  16. Judy Garcia says:


  17. Roolando Mota says:

    You trained them to be perfect assassins. and when they turn against you.
    you cry like a Fucken bitch. ???????????????. Fuck you all

  18. Brianna Gordy says:

    Yep. Let’s hear his identity and his motives. So then other unstable
    individuals can copy cat it. Sure. That’s totally working for us, isn’t it?

  19. Vemilo says:

    #white lives matter

  20. Racye1911 says:

    Are we done yet?