Who Was the YouTube Shooter? | NYT News

Who Was the YouTube Shooter? | NYT News

Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the woman who the police say attacked the YouTube headquarters on Tuesday before killing herself, created and posted videos that show her to be a passionate animal rights activist and vegan. But they also reveal her anger toward the video internet giant.

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82 Responses

  1. Ryan Ranger says:

    I don’t think she’s entirely wrong… about a few things.
    *NOT the violence, obviously (I’d hope)

  2. mudshark jones says:

    one of many who are mentally ill and has easy access to firearm.

    • CadenSkii says:

      mudshark jones You can buy unlicensed guns with no serial number on it, from an illegal arms dealer, some gang from a bad neighborhood, the black market, or even the dark web. It’s not hard to get guns illegally, just search of illegally buying guns on youtube and you’ll see how easy it is.

    • Doctor Dewbie says:

      mudshark jones She also has easy access to knifes. Apparently she has terrible aim she could of probably hit more people other than her self if she used a knife. If she wasn’t on a triggered vegan rampage she could of went in stealth using a knife.. smdh

    • Ravendarke 777 says:

      The prophet of his most holiness Harambe so even though California has very strict gun laws a criminal got a gun? Do you see the irony? You can take guns away from law abiding citizens, but CRIMINALS will always find a way. Liberalism is the 4th Reich.

    • Lee Paul says:

      and yet california has one of the most strict gun laws in US.

  3. Animated Stoge says:

    Rip nazim

    • Henry Wong says:

      Animated Stoge even though what she did was horrible. I still feel sorry for her because she had some mental issues that she didn’t even know she had. Sigh.

  4. ガンデス says:

    she’s like poppy…. but real lmfao

  5. Gawdamit says:

    They stole her chin!!

    • The UFB says:

      Gawdamit ii

    • Kenny says:

      took her own life? she tried to murder innocent people…not the same thing

    • Lucia Brown says:

      💘💙💘 *En slank brunett* , *24 år* , *vill träffа ėn killė* ;).
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      💘💙💘 *jag lоvаr аtt bėsvаrȧ ȧllа mėddelȧndеn* !

      💘💙💘 *Еn slȧnk brunеtt* , *24 år* , *vill träffа еn killė* ;).
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      💘💙💘 *jаg lȯvar ȧtt besvȧrа ȧllа mėddеlаndеn* !

  6. Marko Popovik says:


  7. Kittyin Indy says:

    She was obviously mentally ill

    • The prophet of his most holiness Harambe says:

      Kittyin Indy but that’s the good part. Its more diverse that way.

    • BlurryBigfoot says:

      She looks like the love child of Micheal Jackson and David Bowie. But you’re right she’s definitely mentally ill. But that will be ignored because she’s a Muslim and a Vegan and left-wing. It’s like whenever there’s a shooting each side prays the shooter was for the other side. Meanwhile the country suffers because of all of these people.

  8. CT! says:

    Sadly she seemed mentally unstable. I wonder if she had friendships with people because she seemed like an individualist.

    • AllAboutMeNU says:

      CT! She seemed like an individualist? Your picking up on something. But you need to go deeper. You just don’t feel a human connection while watching her. Some see it some don’t. Some are picking up on something but not sure what it is.

    • Concept says:

      CT! Most mass shooters are mentally unstable. But when you pick and choose who we sympathize with based on beliefs and not actions….you people are literally ruining this world.

  9. SofieDeroy says:

    i will not eat animal-products but i will shoot at people

  10. Sidney Isais says:

    She clearly had moral issues if she was an animal rights activist but still had no problem shooting a bunch of employees who probably didn’t have anything to do with her problems.
    She must’ve really hit a low point in her life if she started a shooting over a problem with a website’s algorithm.
    There’s no way you can justify shooting people over an algorithm.

  11. Gcal1956 says:

    I watched this on mute and must say that she is super creepy.

  12. River Equine says:

    Hope this gets the monetization back

  13. f quint says:

    She really seems very mentally ill. Her videos are very bizzare.

  14. Antony Marjeram says:

    Her farther told the cop’s she was losing her mind and if they would have listened to him and watched these vids they would have taken him seriously and prevented a serious situation

    • katie !! says:

      Antony Marjeram lmao the florida school shooting too. ANOTHER “INCIDENT” if this true that the father was telling authorities prior her crazy break down. yet again, nobody listened when MANY complained about Nicolas Cruz. 🤦🏼‍♀️ smh

    • Lee Paul says:

      real life cops are turning like gta v cops

    • Yeti says:

      No you are twisting the stories

      The father got a phone call from the police saying they found their daughter and just to let them know she was in mountain view

      The father then told the police she might go to youtube to confront them

      The police later were looking for the lady and I think try to contact youtube but while all that was occurring the shooter was already shooting up the place

    • Antony Marjeram says:

      katie !!
      Imao people are warned that certain people are dangerous but don’t take it seriously until dangerous things are happening then it’s to late to get these people the help they need when they think no-one is listening or taking them seriously

  15. Wyatt Kampel says:

    I have an idea…

    …let’s make YouTube a gun-free zone, that way it’s illegal for her to do what she did!

  16. TheManWhoDoubts says:

    She’s not the first Middle Eastern who got disappointed about living in the US. Maybe it’s shocking for Americans to know that the vast majority of Middle Easterns actually get back, 10 out 11 of my relatives for instance. Myself as well, even though I don’t beilive in religions, I prefered to get back to Saudi Arabia !

    What is the reason? I personally think it is that the low quality of social intraction, and the level of social support, emmotionally and finacially, is extremely low in the US in a way that we didn’t use.

    Americans in general are very tollerant, kind and rational. But there is too much “Me & Mine” attitude. Not so generous, and almost no one is willing to sacrifice some of their time or help to their friends.

    I understand that this is relative. I am just spotting the light on common Middle Eastern perspective about the US.

    • Doreen Callaghan says:

      Good go back to where you came from!

    • Dan Dan says:

      Cinder Cone not really people in cities are so left leaning that they’ve gone as extreme as the racists in rural areas, I myself I’m a secular and I tolerate people with different point of view even if they’re right wing, remember that right wing is not synonymous with racist or homophobic, In Syria most people aren’t religious zealots they’re mostly non-practising Muslims/Christians, So am I but I still think that the culture of the states is depressing and it’s harder to socialize or find a partner who supports family values, even in schools we don’t have this kinda bullying America has that causes students to shoot each other.

    • KRYS S.Philly says:


    • BlazingSkrub says:

      Too bad

  17. Floyd Roberts says:

    That’s a robot

  18. Takisha Edwards says:

    She is seriously scary-looking. You can see the crazy in her eyes….not a single change of facial expressions. None whatsoever

  19. Kerry Cronic Vlogs says:


  20. Matt.Cook.Oregon says:

    At least someone was able to monetize her. Well played NYT.

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