Whoopi Goldberg suspended from ‘The View’ after Holocaust comments l GMA

Whoopi Goldberg suspended from ‘The View’ after Holocaust comments l GMA

ABC News suspended Goldberg for two weeks after she made inaccurate claims that the Holocaust was “not related to race” on Monday’s episode.
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40 Responses

  1. Zac Goss says:

    “That’s what race means to me”
    Well here we go with we can all make our own definition of words.

    • Bill Cantave says:

      @nature lover saying you’re half Jew means nothing to me. My initial point is that a Jewish person who is white can and does benefit from white supremacy. Jews have a lot of power in this country. Just look at the music industry. But that doesn’t take away from the atrocities they faced in the past. And quit projecting your racism on to me.

    • NaK Ho says:

      The dictionary does not create words or definitions. It only collects them and publish them. It the people who define a word, not employees at Webster Dictionary.

    • Clayton Wheeler says:

      @Naturally Made just being called white is hurtful we are all the same

    • Moonlight Fishin says:

      @Sledzeppelin If you know nothing about CRT consider yourself lucky. You have not been infected by it.

    • Clayton Wheeler says:

      @Yasmine your nuts all races experience rasicim

  2. Blue says:

    What is amazing is Joy just sat there and did not argue back. How this show is on this long is beyond me.

  3. Kim Whitson says:

    How this show is still on just blows me away, it’s filled with nothing but hate and pushing their own opinions and if you don’t agree they speak over you

  4. Michelle Jones says:

    She’s right that it wasn’t about skin color, but wrong that the word “race” reflects the color of skin.

  5. Jackie Zaccaria-Nelson says:

    What is amazing is Joy just sat there and did not argue back. How this show is on this long is beyond me.

    • 1neLove says:

      @Sparky_Navy”The entire ABC News organization stands with our Jewish colleagues, friends, families and communities.” So, even if Jewish people weren’t the only ones killed in the Holocaust, they’re they only ones ABC News is concerned about.

    • Jackie Zaccaria-Nelson says:

      Cause what Whoop was saying was wrong. I am Catholic and I knew Whoop was wrong. Joy is the second most vocal when something is wrong. Joy should have spoken up.

    • Sparky_Navy says:

      @H Abbaticchio Jews weren’t the only ones killed in the Holocaust.

    • H Abbaticchio says:

      Joys not Jewish why would she argue??

  6. Brooklynn Graves says:

    I was floored to hear her initial comment. I do think it is an excellent gauge of how much knowledge we’ve lost about the horrible war that targeted not only the Jewish community, but homosexuals, people with disabilities both intellectually and physically, as well as Romani people.
    I thought her apology was a sincere attempt to stop any further damage from her words; she took responsibility for what she said and acknowledged that words have power, and that hers have caused damage.

    On a lighter note, I think what she’s really saying was that she can’t tell one light skinned batch of Europeans from another- they all look the same to her! 🤣

    • SoulessHarmony says:

      @Jamar Everett Can you please take 1 second of your life to actually understand the definition of race, not your preconceived 5 year old definition. The holocaust was 100% a race based genocide.

    • Where Love Blossoms says:

      People are Born Jewish Automatically if they are born to Jewish Parents regardless of which Nation or town they live in

    • Where Love Blossoms says:

      @Int’l Voice of Reason The Jews in Germany would have been
      1) Authentic Jewish Heritage whose family /ancestors migrated to Germany and they married into only Jewish marriages = Jewish Ethnicity only
      2) Mixed German/Jewish families where Jewish men or women fell in love with German locals
      = White European + Jewish
      3) Other Jewiah + European mix into marriage from other countries Austria, Poland,Hungary etc..
      So these people would have been Mux White European + Jewish ethncity

    • Primus1414 says:

      @Brittany Schaefer everyone knows the view is all about misinformation. This changes nothing at all lol.

    • Int'l Voice of Reason says:

      @Where Love Blossoms my point exactly

  7. J M says:

    Whoopi Goldberg’s point is also a good one: the Jews of European descent look like other Europeans who are non-Jewish. So, they were not “picked out of a line up” based on their phenotypes. There were several other identifiers used: their style of dress, surnames, etc. Looking at the staff of the View, how would one know that Joy is Jewish except by her last name?

  8. SpeedRacer says:

    The bottom line is that you cannot redefine the meaning of words. Our culture is FULL of ignorantly redefining words. One of the biggest offenders is when people use ‘racist’ instead of prejudice, or bias. In this case, she was simply wrong. I am not a Whoopi fan (except in Star Trek) but, within her MANY faults and the hate she has towards people that don’t agree with her, she’s not an antisemite. You are probably being hypocritical if you think she deserves this treatment for this event. Don’t be disingenuous.

  9. EA Merrill says:

    This is a good eye opener…racist doesn’t always mean you feel there is an inferior color, it means you feel there is an inferior ethnic group. Ethnicity is one’s belonging to a particular social national or cultural group. You could have people of multiple skin colors but who have the same ethnicity, like people who have lived in one country for generations can be looked upon with racism by people from another country. And yes, there are obviously smaller groups where there is racism within the same nation, but people need to zoom out and see the big picture. Unfortunately, racism has been part of history since the beginning, but its not because of anyone’s inferiority, it’s because of the underlying darkness in man that likes to burst out and take over. Love one another, even those you don’t like.

  10. Jonesy says:

    Definition of race according to the Oxford dictionary: “a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group or sharing physical characteristics or shared ancestry”. Race is not always defined by the color of someone’s skin

    • Evelyn Crespo says:

      America is different. We are all put in racial categories. Then let`s ask American`s to stop putting us in categories of race.

    • Evelyn Crespo says:

      @Maggie May Right!!

    • Bat Soup Chef says:

      @Lisbon Diaries The holocaust was still focused on “race”
      as Hitler and nazis defined it. Whoopi is falsely using a different social construct for race for some stupid alternative point about white people killing other white people that doesn’t concern her for some reason.

    • sameerah bey says:

      Unfortunately, everyone does not look in the dictionary before they use or hurl hateful and racist word.

    • Gilbert Martinez says:

      I still say race and religion are not the same and we have definite proof …we have both black and white baptists and racism certainly exists even within that single religion religion |riˈlijən|
      noun a particular system of faith and worship: the world’s great religions. <<

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