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45 Responses

  1. MrBrent98 says:

    LEXI VS MY BROTHER BRICE? Comment who you think won? ?

    like this video if your siblings are as weird as mine ❤️

  2. ITS_JOHN says:

    lexi massages Brent’ s foot and then bites her get finger.

  3. Jhonafe Codera Vlogs says:

    Rqst: Buying everything in Alphabetical order Challenge?

  4. Aishah Abbasi says:

    He goes like:
    “I’m fine with losing”

  5. Fiona Faith says:

    Lexi’s a whole mood in this video I laughed about every thing she said

  6. Eliana Gilpin says:

    Lexi Masssage‘ s brent’s feet

    Then bites her nail after massaging Brent’s feet??

  7. weird_potato 500 says:

    I love Brents’ hoodie, I frickin love Harry Potter, I’m so jealous, I really want a Harry Potter hoodie like that. ??⚡️?

  8. Аnna I МАS!TURВА!ТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATС!Н VIDЕ0! says:

    Brent: I mean my farts don’t really smell
    Lexi: her face

  9. Lil-DonkeyKong - says:

    I didn’t even know Brent had a brother like if your the same

  10. UnicornConfettiCousins ROBLOX says:

    Brent I thought ur phobia was eating food in the wrong way ?

  11. sky_ light23 says:

    THAT BREAT WAS WEARING (I’m the biggest fan from harry potter ;-;)

  12. Always Create says:

    Brent and Lexi : talking about leather jacket
    Brice : why am I even here?
    Also Brice : the cieling is soo cool

  13. Meghan Jordan says:

    You guys should do the same things but don’t show Brent so he doesn’t do personal preferences.

  14. Games4life 702101 says:

    Lexi: and Brice knows he’s gonna loose ?
    End of the video: *brice wins*

  15. سالي سالي says:

    *Your brother never looks like you* ?? *But he has a sound similar to you* ? ???

  16. Heavyn Naidoo says:

    6:00 I said that same thing “so I can stalk Shawn Mendes ” (I already knew Shawn and Camilla were dating)

  17. •Nikki 890• says:

    Lexi: I look like im fresh off the runway! ?

    *Me:* *Sings the whole song* ?

  18. MARY ARMY says:

    1:39 I’m the biggest sibling and mom hates me she actually love my little bro

  19. The yang sisters Yang says:

    Wow I didn’t know that you have a cuter brother lol ?

  20. REEHA says:

    *”Be invisible so you could spy on shawn and camila.”*
    That was the best part lol??

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