Who’s Ready For Rugrats 2021? | First Look | Paramount+

Who’s Ready For Rugrats 2021? | First Look | Paramount+

Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie and the rest of the Rugrats gang are back for an all-new, CG-animated series on Paramount+! Settle into your high chairs for this exciting first look at the show, which continues the tale of toddlers from the classic Nickelodeon ’90s hit. Then, get ready to reunite with the iconic group of babies – voiced by members of the original cast – as they embark on a new batch of epic adventures!

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102 Responses

  1. The Estevez Company says:

    the return of the 1990s kings.

    • PMDP S2806 says:

      @Amani White Gee, sometimes modern times and culture really suck. I miss the old ways of watching regular TV from late 1990s to early 2000s.

    • Amani White says:

      @PMDP S2806 I felt like that once. But I’m getting used to modern times!

    • shadowspider9 says:

      Naw. That would be Simpsons. In terms of cultural impact Simpsons was the biggest animated show on television throughout the 90s.

    • Amani White says:

      @shadowspider9 true. The simpsons started in the 1980’s and then it grew popularity in the 1990’s!

    • forest reflection says:

      So true I can’t afford to watch multiple streaming services cause of one show that keeps bouncing around from Service to service

  2. Eduardo Ramos Flores says:

    They are watching tv on a flat screen. Which means that this reboot is gonna have modern day technology

    • Grant says:

      Soft-Reboot simpsons floating time line is my guess. Doesn’t erase the past episodes but retcons stuff to fit today. Probably the best we could hopeful honestly

    • Petite Cossette says:

      @Raccoon Foot Productions Because war veterans don’t exist in modern times or anything.

    • Scarecrow says:

      Imagine all of the crazy inventions that Stu will be able to make

    • Bertrum The God says:

      @Raccoon Foot Productions “former hippie” nothing more traumatic than being a former hippie

    • SimplySumply says:

      @Peter Pan same I liked grandpa lou’s random tangents about him fighting in the war and telling weird stories to the kids and them not understanding a thing, feels bad.

  3. Afrotaku 02 says:

    I just scrolled past this on instagram and my first thought was “why’s that look like Tommy’s house?”

  4. Dan Bee says:

    If they can reproduce(not recreate) that mysterious, almost reclusive, endless openness of the back yard, feel with this style, like in episode about the ‘sactchmo’ that would amazing. So simple and funny, someone getting milk to drink in the nite, just a shadow, but the rugrats super spooked😂

  5. Razor Hall says:

    Bring back Jimmy Neutron next cowards!

  6. Chris Dixon says:

    This looks really good! Can’t wait to see what adventures they get into. Love the details in clothes and the environment, and I love that they have the original music/score.. feels like earlier _Rugrats_ seasons before the first movie.

  7. Ryan Flynn says:

    I want to hate this cgi work but it actually looks pretty good

  8. Jonathan Guzman says:

    Jonathan…. Lol, the man I always suspected her mom was having an affair with

  9. Stu Pickles says:

    Yooooo I can’t wait for the Rugrats to return!, The CGI doesn’t look that bad though

  10. Kaulfield says:

    I would LOVE to see a “Hey! Arnold” reboot

  11. Smart Emmet Studios says:

    I have missed these guys for who *KNOWS* how long. Angelica is my fav, but only when she has her sweet moments. Now that she back like *this,* I bet she’ll have many more. Can’t wait to see her and the whole gang back in action on Paramount+!

  12. Dan Nigro says:

    This might be rebooted for modern times but if it’s classic rugrats stories similar writers and same voice actors then it’s good.

  13. clipsbyjess says:

    I may be able to get used to the animation, but when Tommy said “Reptar use your laser beams!” omg that was the cutest thing ever!

  14. youdud44 says:

    Original cast? CGI looks good? Mothersbaugh soundtrack? Yep. I’m interested.

  15. Riakeem Kelley says:

    Now Angelica’s mom won’t be the only one on her phone.

  16. kev p says:

    Nickelodeon’s Rugrats Reboot: YES,
    Kamp Koral: No.

  17. JaxBlade says:

    TBH, I dig this aesthetic!! Curious to see how this show plays out. If its great AWESOME if its meh, well the original show got 9 seasons, 2 spin off shows and 3 movies and aint goin anywhere & had a full fun rewatchable run. So No harm no foul for this new gen stuff. Curious to see how it is

  18. Alex Clark says:

    Damn. I really love this.

  19. Fierce Peter Gaming says:

    Angelica – *”I want to play a game”*
    Me – *”I wish I heard chucky say that”*

  20. Form of Therapy says:

    I wanted to hate this but I’m digging it

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