Why Airlines Sell More Seats Than They Have

Why Airlines Sell More Seats Than They Have

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20 Responses

  1. Wendover Productions says:

    If you’re wondering why this video is a bit less polished than normal ones, it’s because I quite literally started work on it five hours ago. Just wanted to get it out when this news story is still relevant!

    Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this extra video!


    refusing to listen to authority is becoming a trend. everyone is doing it for upvotes, likes and retweets

  3. milan patel says:

    Doesn’t the airline keep the money if the customer does not show

  4. Zothaqqua says:

    When I lived in the US I used to fly around cheaply on United by booking the flight before the one I wanted and volunteering to be bumped in exchange for a voucher. It added a bit of waiting time, but almost always worked. (Edit: I lived in Chicago, the United hub, in 1999.)

  5. Robbert van Suijdam says:

    could you make a video of why airplane food always suck.

  6. Rose Mulet says:

    We needed this video. #EndOverbooking

  7. Javier Salcedo says:

    united flight incident wasn’t caused by overbooking, but by shit hhrr management

  8. Trioptic3D says:

    I hope that guy sues and gets so rich off this! United would ironically have to raise their tickets price and customers will opt for jetblu

  9. ASimpleSample says:

    Yo you need to turn up your audio levels. Your voice is wayyyy to quiet.

  10. clayton8or_2 says:

    O’HARE AIR(port)

  11. TiE says:

    Uhm.. could you please turn up the volume in the future? I noticed it on previous videos too but this one is severely quite. Please do my phones speakers a favor ^-^

  12. rc2884 says:

    United Flight 3411 WAS NOT “OVERBOOKED”! It’s just a spin the media has used to downplay the situation. United SCREWED UP their shifting and FORCIBLY removed a revenue customer, who by the was a doctor trying to see his patients in the morning, so 4 of their employees could make an evening flight the following day. Absolutely disgusting especially how the CEO and upper management addressed the situation.
    The statutory provision granting them the ability to deny boarding is about “OVERSELLING”. This passenger was already on board and seated in his assigned seat.
    You also can’t pull any of that “contract of carriage” BS because there is a complete difference in rights after you’ve boarded and sat on the plane, and Rule 21 goes over the specific scenarios where you could get kicked off. NONE of them apply here.
    He did nothing wrong and I hope he sues the crap out of United.

  13. IWroteThis says:

    Is the seat already paid for?
    If so, then the airline loses no money. wtf.

  14. James Bond says:

    That’s bullshit! No one should sell the same seat to two people thinking that one would not show up! Talk about Business and Statistics all day! But,Still that’s bullshit!!

  15. Max Mao says:

    I buy an iphone and decide not to use it. Then Apple still takes the money and give my phone to others? I buy the the seat and that’s mine. There shouldn’t be a no-show policy! Ridiculous industry.

  16. tylan4life says:

    please boost your audio. i can always turn it down but i can’t go past 100%


    Both of my parents work for united, and the no-show rate is actually quite real. We often can get on full flights through standby just off of our knowledge that about 5-10 people won’t arrive. Is it a bad and immoral guess? Yeah, but it’s true nonetheless.

  18. mzapcupcake says:

    if the odds are 9/10000 then how come i’ve been bumped off of 2 flights in my life, and I’m 13!! My dad flies all the time! and we’re always early at the airport!

  19. thelordakira says:

    The guy was already in the seat, he wins. also he was bumped by employees, unacceptable.

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