Why Aliens Might Already Be On Their Way To Us

Why Aliens Might Already Be On Their Way To Us

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The universe is magnificent and vast. Hundreds of billions of galaxies, trillions of stars, and even more planets. If even the tiniest fraction are habitable, then the Universe should be teeming with life. And yet we see nothing, only vast emptiness. Where is everyone else?

The answer to this riddle could be as exciting as it is creepy: we are early, born before almost all other life – but very soon this may change. Not only might aliens appear, they could quickly surround us. An irreversible competition for the universe might be about to begin.

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44 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Be a part of our first Limited Drop, which honors our Cosmic Pioneers and their noble expeditions: https://kgs.link/limited-drop. Stocks are limited – so grab yours before they’re gone for good!

    • ARCTIC FROST says:


    • mehmet demir says:

      if a civilization expands to thousands of light years, that civilization cannot be “one” civilization because of communication delays. species will evolve to different paths and will not be single species either.

    • ito willian says:

      Do you guys ship to Brasil?

    • Hustensaft übungstest says:

      i would gladly buy a bunch of your products if the shipping cost isnt half the price of the actual product just beacause its premium shipping. maybe include a more affordable shipping option because i dont see myself buying a poster for 25 euros and then paying another 12 euros to get it shipped to me

    • eNOughPlaY says:

      who will be our prime minister in the civilization? ☠💀
      super volcano eruption for this job 😅

  2. Erixperience says:

    This is actually really well shown in the game Stellaris, where everyone starts off at about the same point despite there being primitive civilizations in the galaxy. The primitives basically stand no chance of ever expanding because you’ve claimed every bit of space around them. If they want to be part of the galaxy you have to integrate them, ether peacefully, through subterfuge, or good old fashioned bigger army diplomacy.

    • Joel Vanwinkle says:

      So you have to choose between the French, English, or Spanish styles of assimilation

    • The real Speedwagon says:

      And that is why I always play as fanatic purifier humans in Stellaris for the purposes of [STRENG-GEHEIM]

    • Joel Vanwinkle says:

      I’ve really got to start playing that game.

    • David Tremblay says:

      Yeah they are very useful specially if you play xenophile and you need their preferential planet type to colonize the planets you have in your backyard but your race isn’t adapted to those planets types

    • Zeke Hatcher says:

      @Michael Bone This is explained with Fallen Empires. In a Normal Stellaris game, there a far-more advanced civilizations who are in a “idle” state, just from where their culture and society has degenerated, and lost it’s sense of purpose. Lore-wise this leads to them forgetting how their technology works (This did happen to many Isolated groups of Humans, so it’s feasible), and so they’re sleeping giants. They could crush you like a Human to a small bug.

      However, theit slumber doesn’t last forever. It gives you a good race against time, and it also gives a bit of an explanation on why a very very old galaxy has almost no civilizations (besides the few fallen empires)

  3. Fabio Vieira says:

    The idea that our Sun developed as soon as the Universe stopped being so hostile and celular life appeared as soon as oceans appeared on a planet of it gives me a lot of optimism.

    • Vaeldarg says:

      @Jack Hand You can look it up. What did you THINK Pluto was called, before it was discovered and 8 total planets had been confirmed by then?

    • GethGod says:

      ​@Vector Graphics planet 9 is the Charon mass relay

    • Jack Hand says:

      ​@Vaeldarg wrong.

    • Bixie says:

      @Vaeldarg OOOOOHHHHHH Roman Numeral 10!!!!!! Mind blown away. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Rick says:

      @Battosai Jenkins It rests on the theory that a loud civilization would ‘conquer’ so many star systems around us that it’d be impossible to miss _if_ they were still active. Even if they visited earth a few billion years ago.

  4. e gio says:

    I’m so impressed with how far this channels animation is come. They deserve all the love and praise in the world putting so much effort and research into these

    • Piet Petrus says:

      u can with millions of dollars

    • Agentwc1945 says:

      Ah yes, they put so much effort in out of the goodness of their hearts. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything in it for them.

    • James G says:

      The Animation hasn’t really changed.

    • Gabriel Pettier says:

      yeah, the animation is beautiful, i wish the content was less wild speculative futurism, and more actually relevant science, though. Sure they did videos about climate warming in the past and similar subjects, and that was great, but it seems like it’s spinning a lot towards irrelevant — when not outright dangerous longtermism — stuff these days.

  5. G0LdoM!Я says:

    I just wanna say, kurzgesagt is a diamond on the internet. Every video is just so well researched, written and animated. Its incredibly impressive how far this whole thing has gone and the animations are godlike at this point(the flies around the shit pile at 5:43 for example xD). Such a recognizable style. And even when they do make misstakes, they always clarify/excuse for it.
    Please dear kurzgesagt team, whatever it takes, never stop and thank you for being what you are!

  6. GA Gamer says:

    i love how this looked a bit like Stellaris with different empires rising and falling. would be fun to see a short series where you take a look at games like that and satisfactory to analyze how accurate they are to how humanity may be in years to come.

    • Omnipotent Creator Entity says:

      Not related to games (actually I dont know if these also got covered), but Isaac Arthur covers a lot of futurism topics and what may (or may not) be possible for humans as a spacefaring civilization.

    • Hokatoman says:

      Anno 2070 was Really Accurate so far. Even the Air ships who suck in carbon monoxide and Blast out Clean Air, is something we have now. Ok it is not a Air Ship but maybe Air capturing will Evolve to that in the Future.

    • Cumunist says:

      this scenario is also very similar to t he start of a stellaris game where everyone it leaving their system at roughly the same time

    • Rian Antony says:

      Doesn’t sound like Kurzgesagt’s style, maybe a Kile Hill video or some other channel out there

  7. terrorcop101 says:

    The idea that humanity could be the first species to develop civilization and technology sounds like an interesting writer’s prompt. I can imagine a story where humans go out into the universe, building colonies along the way, and the local lifeforms, through a mixed process of terraforming, domestication, and observation, gradually learn to emulate us and build their own societies based on those developed by humans.

  8. jb_labs says:

    Kurzgesagt is the only channel that is able to talk about the race between civilisations to conquer the universe and still make it a wholesome story

  9. Thiago Pagogna says:

    I love how the mass effect series paints an interesting scenario about the clash between different space faring civilizations, the uplifting of other species by more advanced ones, the rise of AI sintetics civilizations and even organics space faring civilizations that can travel through space on their own without machinery. Love mass effect series imagination ❤️

    • Nate Box says:

      @TestnameGamer42 It literally was very political especially in me3?

    • TestnameGamer42 says:

      meh, ME series largely stopped caring about these sort of things after ME1.
      Publisher and common player masses had more in mind call of duty/gears of war than any of this “boring nerd crap”

    • dorkovic says:

      @Angel Clavijo I think you mean the Reapers. They are the reason you’re in a race against time and they are “a highly-advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships”. -edit: word

    • Shelling Ford says:

      @Angel Clavijo The rachni perhaps ? or the creators of the reaper. None of them need space vessel if I remeber correcly

    • Nate Box says:

      @Mad Max Eitherway, it’s a very great game series, and it’s still performed well. So who cares?

  10. Jevin Johnson says:

    This remind’s me a lot about Rational Animation’s video on “Grabby Aliens”, or aliens that will expand and grab as much real estate as possible, and describes the same phenomenon of crowding out other species. It’s a really interesting watch, I highly recommend it!

    • Kaitlyn L says:

      @XoHHa it doesn’t have to be directly from the same article, this is a classic imperial land grab conundrum, merely transposed to the stars. “Do we stay where we are while it’s okay, and risk being taken-over, or do we take-over others in an attempt to secure our sovereignty?” is a centuries-old balance. Well, millennia really, in some parts of the world.

    • Winson Tam says:

      Loud aliens are essentially grabby aliens. I’ll say rational animations came first. 🙂

    • XoHHa says:

      It seems to me that both videos are based on the same article
      Although kurzgesagt doesnt use “grabby aliens” part, the point they make with the “loud aliens” is pretty much the same

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