Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

 The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.

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33 Responses

  1. LadyAJ says:

    Employers spent years after the 2008 crash just stripping everything from employees: benefits, reasonable hours, pay increases (even for inflation) — it’s been disgusting. And when the pandemic hit, employers didn’t even care if people died. And now they have the nerve to call people lazy. 😠

    • Melinda Sullivan says:

      @John Q do you realize what a lot of people went through to get that money and how long they went without food in the refrigerator and that 600 a week kept them from losing their homes once they finally started getting it? I’m in Florida, unemployment wasn’t just there for you in Florida, it was lucky if you got it even if you qualified for it. People are so selfish I swear. Only worrying about yourself. Lucky you that you didn’t get laid off and have to struggle like so many people did. The slap in the face is that so many people showed how selfish they are and how little they care for their fellow humans.

    • Melinda Sullivan says:

      @Patrik pass Half of humanity has been vaccinated. It’s not experimental you sound ridiculous. get your head out of the f^cking conspiracy theories and quit spreading nonsense just because you want to believe something that isn’t true.

    • Starfish W says:

      Also no Healthcare insurance

    • Melinda Sullivan says:

      @Patrik pass go crawl back in your Maga hole with the rest of the uneducated conspiracy driven Covid denying Yokel cult members.

    • J.A.Z says:

      Exactly! Even companies (And i know several) who had the exact same profit numbers after the 2008 crash jumped in the bandwagon, Fired most of its staff, to the rehire half or a quarter of them at a LOWER pay rate with LESS benefits and forced them to perform the workload of the rest of the staff that was fired. Less benefits, twice the workload. Squeezing the life out of employees to maximize profits. Greed has no limits.

  2. Jazzie Red says:

    It’s not a lack of employee problem, it’s a lack of respect and pay problem.

    • 2nd amendment says:

      @Mason Kungle 75% of c19 deaths are from fat people Old people and fat people don’t care about young people and healthy people so why should I care about you don’t you ever try me I’m not taking it I will never take it and if society wants to cast me out cool I’m selling straight pounds moveing to Texas and make my living in the underground I will never pay taxes you just turned a good US taxpayer laq abiding citizen that obey’s the law with no criminal record to somebody that just says F it you don’t care about me society I don’t care about you That’s how things work

    • David Bartha says:

      Every job I ever had all they did was give you more work and responsibility, but never more pay.

    • MagicalBread says:

      @Wendy Lou EXACTLY

    • The Chop Up says:

      @David Bartha that’s the idea. Make as much as possible. Spend the least possible. For them payroll is just another expense they try to keep down.

    • Wendy Lou says:

      @The Chop Up
      I know this. I’m in the same boat. I’m in a sinking boat right now because I’m unemployed…but my work ethic NEVER changes!
      I’ve had good jobs and I’ve had shytty jobs my work ethic stays the same.
      At the end of the day I have myself to live with and yes more than anything I have experienced burn out.
      I’m likely in burn out right now.
      Stuck in a rut.

  3. Todd Mitcham says:

    “There is no office that can offer me what I have in my house.” Amen to that. Remote work is here to stay. Employers better get used to it.

    • Justin Koenig says:

      When the pendulum of power swings back in favor of the employer, employees could be in for a shock. How many employers want to pay these new higher salaries, plus benefits to American employees who will not show up in person? The employers will, as they always have, write the rules in their favor and push harder to hire foreign workers at much lower salaries.

  4. Liz Lemon says:

    I love that every single person including myself who has worked retail tells the story, that we left because of a toxic work environment, abusive customers, abusive staff and management. But they’re always like “why is everybody leaving? Life is so good for them, I only yelled a little? get a skilled job, go to college, JUST BUY MORE MONEY!”
    I quit my retail job two months ago, started my own business and I have been so F-ing happy.

    • poohbeartube says:

      @John Johnson Are you sure about that? I’ve worked for a few very reputable multinational organizations which always claimed their employees were happy when the reality was anything but happy. From a distance, there is *the appearance* of harmony. Up close, not so much.

    • freez1ngsapper says:

      When I hear people asking why people are quitting all I can do is go back to the jokes. How many jokes have we heard about an employee getting dumped on or horror stories about Karen’s in the stores? When is it enough? Guess we found out.

    • MEB says:

      Congratulations! I hope you succeed. Cheering for you from Belgium!

    • John Johnson says:

      @poohbeartube I’m close to a lot of the employees and most are friends and yes, they are happy.

    • E.B.T forever says:

      Truly hope you succeed id love to have my own business but I’d have no idea what I’d sell

  5. Ethan B says:

    Here’s an example. Imagine being a loyal employee for years (who doesn’t call off) and then someone who isn’t on the approved list dies but was close to you (friend, extended family member, etc).

    If you want a day to grieve you have to call off, and, most employers discipline you for that (some tie part of your wages to it, such as an attendance bonus you lose for the week because you missed a day). That’s a huge demotivator to wanting to stay when you know that not only will your employer respond that way but most will punish you for being human.

    It’s not the only issue, just an example of the type of thing that quite a few of us seem to be valuing these days. We’re human and shouldn’t be punished for what we are.

  6. Me says:

    Most employers expect loyalty…but offer none in return.

  7. Peace says:

    I’m so happy that the people are taking this opportunity to stand up for themselves. It’s been long past due. However, employers are going to be even more motivated to automate everything using robotics. These people want to get to the point of not needing any human labor at all.

    • Alma Nac says:

      That’s one of my big concerns too. Given how crappy a lot of these low wage jobs are I can only see individuals still in high school looking to make a couple extra bucks as potential employees. Those jobs are highly susceptible to automation so I’m wondering if it’s going to expedite the issue of college becoming the new high school diploma.
      A lot of people strongly argue that no no no college is still college in a high school diploma is just the bare minimum now. But after being in the workforce for a year fresh out of college I really see how much a collegiate degree is the bare minimum. If you want to make minimum wages a high school diploma will get you that but not much else. There are jobs that I’ve applied for which will say you only need a high school diploma. The problem is when you need so much experience behind that diploma and you can’t get any of that experience without having a collegiate degree.

  8. Gavin says:

    “The difference is, it’s MY choice”, spoken by one of the ladies at the end. That is gold and speaks all truth. I left my career job of 15 years in early 2021 and haven’t looked back. When it’s your choice you have more control and feel 100 times better about what you are doing. Even though she is still very busy working for 3 companies, she’s far more happy because SHE made the choice to leave her Marketing job to do what she’s doing now. Great video!

  9. Bob Conner says:

    I retired from a mid-level management position 14 years ago. Just the thought of returning to the grind, to the claustrophobic confines and the dehumanizing atmosphere is enough to generate anxiety. Once these millions of people who’ve begun to turn their backs on the traditional employment settings realize just how liberating it is avoiding that toxic atmosphere is, they’ll never return if there are options such as remote employment. For what it’s worth, I think the trend is here to stay.

    • m rapacki says:

      A major option is to simply retire or retire early. Millions have done so.
      After all the crap, applying for unemployment etc I simply retired 2 years early. I get my full work retirement money and a reduced amount of my full SS benefits. It’s worth it.

  10. JB1775 says:

    Gotta love the spin 60 minutes put on this. It’s a “worker problem” that’s whats going on here…..

    No, its an employer problem! Over the last 50 years, employers have waged a litleral war against labor. Workers have been humiliated by employers moving jobs overseas, cutting benefits and pay, toxic workplaces, and knowingly pitting American labor against Chinese, Mexican, and Vietnamese labor etc. Not to mention operating their business like a Totalitarian government.

    I’m actually proud of the American worker for finally realizing we have all the power and always have. But beware, evertime we start to realize our own self worth and self interest, the establishment will turn to the good ol “red scare” tactic as a final act of desperation. It’s their hail mary play.

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