Why Are Award Shows So Awkward?

Why Are Award Shows So Awkward?

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44 Responses

  1. Octos Alias says:

    I find two things extremely awkward about celebrities. 1 When they are roleplaying ‘in character’ for fans and 2 When they are playing themselves for stuff like this, Award shows and Talk shows

  2. Eddy Burback says:

    wow, best youtuber of the year. i am honored.

  3. Isaac Slayer of Men says:

    Start a petition for Tony Burback to host the Tonys

  4. Liam X says:

    My high school English teacher’s husband was part of the academy and she straight up told us he didn’t watch all of the nominees but voted anyways.

    • Athena Jaxon says:

      Yeah I think it was revealed that over 50% of voters didn’t watch 12 years a slave

    • Micah Cook says:

      Yup and some very talented artists dont get nominated sometimes *cough* Toni Collette *cough* Victoria Monet *cough*

    • timusforlife says:

      I can’t remember what article it was, but Academy voters basically said they voted for whatever the one animated film they had heard about or seen and didn’t give a shit about watching the other nominees

    • Atrikia M says:

      Not surprised. Most of them didn’t even watch Frozen but they all knew it was Disney so they voted for it.

  5. yeehaw says:

    “ew, jeremy renner!! ew, dude!!!!” is the most relatable thing you’ve ever said, eddy

  6. Ted Nivison says:

    We are getting so much Burback lately and let me tell you I ain’t complaining

  7. Dilberthigh says:

    The biggest award show mistake was giving best animated feature to Boss Baby instead of to A Silent Voice.

  8. Floor Pizza says:

    Picture this: When celebrities go up to get their awards they must traverse through a wipeout style obstacle course for the audience’s enjoyment

  9. Jenna says:

    The Emmys should be renamed the Eddys so that Tony and Eddy can both have award shows named after them

  10. TimeBucks says:

    that raycon ad was the most entertaining ad

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