Why are sloths so slow? – Kenny Coogan

Why are sloths so slow? – Kenny Coogan

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Sloths spend most of their time eating, resting, or sleeping; in fact, they descend from their treetops canopies just once a week, for a bathroom break. How are these creatures so low energy? Kenny Coogan describes the physical and behavioral adaptations that allow sloths to be so slow.

Lesson by Kenny Coogan, animation by Anton Bogaty.

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20 Responses

  1. AnonnymouZ says:

    FIrst! … unlike sloths. ;D

  2. Hacobito says:

    because they are slowths

  3. Emantheseeker says:

    Ancient sloths and avocados? Say no more.

  4. Word Sen says:

    Because they Are a lazy ass animal

  5. kenner josue jiron says:

    i missed this guy’s voice

  6. Lord Fawful says:

    Watched this at 2x speed to compensate

  7. Gabriel Craig G. BARRIDO says:

    Legend says that if you’re early, nobody gives a damn

  8. tatestudios510 says:

    Sloths are in a state of being constantly high

  9. IzaDo says:

    I fucking love sloths.

  10. Meda Jablonskyte says:

    But… why am i so lazy and slow?

  11. Different says:

    some trivia:
    Megalonyx: Megalo (big) + Onyx (nails/claws)

    Megatherium: Mega (big) + Therium (beast/monster)

    I am greek

  12. Unfair Competitions says:

    It takes them 5 minutes to cross a road. How long does it take them to make love? i wanna be a sloth now.

  13. Master Drago says:

    giant sloths thank god they are not alive bec they are scary

  14. Jaiden Cross says:

    Not going to lie… I really love this animation.

  15. X'suwat says:

    Why weren’t they eaten by other predators? Why does this species not become extinct already?

  16. madcat789 says:

    Calling them slow is offensive. They prefer the term Running-Impaired.

  17. Good Simple Impact says:

    Whats a sloth doing crossing an average neighbourhood street?

  18. Im a motherfuckin stargirl says:

    “They spend most of their time eating, resting, sleeping.” I think Im a sloth.

  19. Your Mom says:

    who else loves the animation ? ?

  20. jollow250 says:

    There’s a sloth
    Oh no
    You better run

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