Why Are There Dangerous Ingredients In Vaccines?

Why Are There Dangerous Ingredients In Vaccines?

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Want to learn more about the topic in this week’s video? Here are some key words/phrases to get your googling started:
-adjuvant: substance added to a vaccine to enhance the body’s immune response and increase the vaccine’s efficacy
-attenuation: altering a pathogen to make it less virulent (or even harmless)
-acquired immunity: components of the immune system that are developed via exposure to pathogens or other sources of infection


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20 Responses

  1. Zagardal says:

    Doctors Carrey and McCarthy are gonna flag this video.

  2. Drew Peterson says:


  3. magicandmagik says:

    why do you get these weird sponsors

  4. Feynstein100 says:

    Best video ever. Am I the only one who found the animations very hilarious?
    But then again, I’m very susceptible to laughter.

  5. Carson Troeh says:

    I got a vaccine once, I got aids and died.

  6. PirateOfPlayTime says:

    This video is basically a big F*ck You to anti-vaxxers. Good.

  7. Ruudsosalsa says:

    +Rand Huso , No, it means we solve problems. Before glasses people had eye
    problems, just like now. Before dentists, people died because of their
    teeth. If you remove glasses and dentists, that only means we go back to
    where we were.

  8. Harry Aghasafari says:

    people who are against vaccines are total idiots.

  9. Seamus Spike says:

    Does anyone know why thy put mercury in certain vaccines?

  10. danielkzlai says:

    Drawings are so cute ><

  11. Shinji Ikari says:

    This video gave my dog autism.

  12. André Hamon says:

    But the autisms ?

  13. TheMalaphor says:

    This Stuff is amazing, and should be shown in schools. Good work

  14. vin kum says:

    what about HPV vaccination cases??????????????

  15. zoranhacker says:

    I love the graphics! Awesome video! :)

  16. rannick10 says:

    +ownt roll gr8 b8 m8

  17. marineroo6833 says:

    Look, if you want your children vaccinated, fine! That’s your choice! If
    some parents don’t want their children vaccinated, that’s their choice too!
    No one has a right to say one should do the other. However, there is
    information out there and it is up to each individual to seek out that
    information and educate themselves!

    For those people who bitch about those not getting vaccinated, why do you
    give a fuck?! If you are so hell bent on the opinion that vaccines are good
    and you get vaccinated, then you should have no fucking worries about
    contracting that virus because you’re VACCINATED! Leave the non-vaccinated
    people alone! If you’re that worried, it’s obvious you just don’t want to
    admit the fact that you’re wrong about the safeness and effectiveness of

  18. darkless60 says:

    Liked because of the “letting polio and other deadly diseases call the

  19. Mary Jane says:

    I actually inject Vitamin M (mercury) into myself everyday. Its super
    Then i drink organic non GMO formaldehyde and it helps to make sure my
    organs are preserved.

  20. Marty XII says:

    so your arm hurts after a vaccine shot because of the aluminum?