Why Ashton Kutcher Is Upset About Laura Prepon’s Engagement

Why Ashton Kutcher Is Upset About Laura Prepon’s Engagement

Laura Prepon recently got engaged and Ashton Kutcher has a bone to pick with her.

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17 Responses

  1. cookiesncream789 says:

    Ashton has the right to be upset lol!!! I would be too if that happened to
    me with my friends!

  2. Kevin Pham says:


  3. gorillapancake says:

    I guess Ashton didn’t give Demi one of those rings.

  4. kevin ballesteros says:

    me want donna!!!!

  5. ToXicTubeTV says:

    God damn Donna is hot still.

  6. Alex Coleman says:


  7. Then It said says:

    Wow never knew she was with Ben Foster… nor was she a Scientologist

  8. The Kid Awakening cc says:

    Hanging out! ?

  9. Paul Johnson says:

    Ben Foster is one of the most underrated actors ever. That dude needs to be
    in more movies.

  10. AlexTheGreat says:

    That quickly became Live with Ashton and…………………………oh
    you’re still here Kelly!

  11. Shelly Wap says:

    Ashton is the new cohost?

  12. minwoo525 says:

    he sounds exactly like from the 70s show

  13. Fort Ranno says:

    Woww, what the heck happened to Donna?

  14. ruthie boo says:

    who she engaged with?

  15. Success says:

    I thought she was gay

  16. SFVone says:

    Loved her red hair

  17. Dakota Romans says:

    i wonder if kelso keeps looking at donnas butt and tries to walk in on