Why Bartenders REALLY hate making Mojitos.

Why Bartenders REALLY hate making Mojitos.

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  1. Kappa 123 says:

    “make me a skinny virgin whiskey sour. Oh, also, I’m allergic to citrus”
    So… Would you like an unbaked meringue cookie?

  2. Cute Little Drunk says:

    This is why I stick to rum and coke
    My bartender loves me, just walk in, sit down, and wait for my rum and Coke, drink, pay, leave
    Not a word said to the man in over 3 months

  3. Cruz says:

    “this aint chick-fil-a, you want a drink or not”

  4. tygonmaster says:

    This is a perfect example of when the customer is always wrong.

  5. Adyn Y says:

    i remember going to a burger joint and asking for a hamburger (number 4) and the casheer asking me if i wanted cheese aka a cheeseburger (number 3) and I said no I’d like a number 4 without cheese. his response
    “oh you want a number 3 and no cheese ok, do you want it plane?”
    W H Y

    • mohawk1010 says:

      I know at some places cheese burgers are slightly more then normal burgers maby he was try to get you to spend more

  6. Ritik Rana says:

    A mojito without mint
    A mojito without ice
    Is a disaster

  7. Crucial Custard says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever say no problem again-

    • Traceur Snow says:

      @Arouraborialice that was pretty good lol

    • Arouraborialice says:

      @Alex Kazam no problem also protects you from vampires if they come to your house /ref

    • Justin Koehle says:

      No problem is my way of saying no need to thank you- I would have been happy to help without expecting anything in return.

    • Alex Kazam says:

      Tbh, the gentleman who helped me see “no problem” could be interpreted as it was in the video ( but especially when said as a reply to thank you) was a kind-hearted, sweet old man that owned yacht club – and ever since he and I had that conversation- I’ve been more particular about when I do use it…but at the end of the day, it really is no problem, and I wouldn’t be offended if someone said “no problem” when I said thank you. But definitely an interesting take.

  8. Steve Jackson says:

    And for dinner I would like the Steak Au Poivre cooked well done with no pepper. Also instead of the cognac cream sauce the I would like to substitute marinara sauce and add parmesan cheese. Oh and replace the garlic truffle mash and sauteed haircut verte with baby carrots with bucatini. Oh and sub out the steak for the free range organic chicken. Thanks!!!!

    • Steve Jackson says:

      @Calvin McNeil No!!! The chicken Parm comes with a mozzarella and provolone mix served over Angle hair pasta. Does that sound like what I ordered?? See this is why your waiting tables instead of working a real job. I would like to speak to the manager please.

    • Calvin McNeil says:

      So a chicken Parm, which is probably on the menu

  9. It's Marco UK says:

    Fun fact: A bar I used to work at served Mojitos as basically most places do. The thing is. The mojito was terrible. When I say terrible. They always came back. They were made to spec. But ALWAYS came back. I once made 4 mojitos for this guy. He sent them back. After the 3rd one he wanted to watch me. I complied. He said he hated it and wanted a manager to make it. Manager made it. He still hated it.

    That is the story of why I HATE making Mojitos. I hate the drink and anything to do with it

  10. OwO chocolate says:

    Dude I HATE people that take everything you say as an attack :/ like what? Just saying ‘no problem’ is now horrible?

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